5 Steps to Building Talent Pipelines on Social Networks


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When it comes to operating a successful organization, one of the most challenging aspects is having the right talent readily available when jobs open up at your company. Talent will not always be present when a job is, but recruiters find ways to build talent pipelines using their social media networks.

The Steps to Successful Talent Pipeline Building 

If you are finding it difficult to accomplish this goal - learn how by following the five steps outlined in this post.

#1 = Create a Strategy for Social Recruiting

When performing this step, you must make sure that the goals and strategy of the campaign match the goals and strategy of your company. You also should not set your sights too high; or you will be disappointed when failure occurs. The goals of the recruiting campaign must also be measurable so you can determine if they are working or being met at all. The goals must also be created in a way that they can be edited or changed as technology changes and the company changes.

#2  - Carefully Track All Applicants

Applicants need to be tracked automatically so your company has an excellent pipeline of talent ready to take on open jobs at the company. You need to analyze all of your data so you know what is working well and what is not working. This allows your company the opportunity to ditch or rework any methods that are being implemented in the recruiting campaign.

#3 - Explore Multiple Channels

When you are recruiting new talent using social media, make sure that you use more than one network. Do not put your eggs in one basket. Use Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook to your advantage. The more you use each site, the larger a talent pipeline you will be able to build. Your company should also take a look at other tools such as Technorati, Job Target and Data.com. All of these sites consist of business databases and professional bloggers across various industries.

#4 - Create a True Brand

As with a marketing or advertising campaign, your company needs to create a brand for the social media recruiting campaign. This brand needs to be different from the one you send to consumers and clients. It needs to be a brand that describes your company as an employer. It needs to be created for potential employees and shown to them through social media. The brand must convey your company’s values and culture and it must be visible throughout all of your social media accounts and posts.

#5 - Foster Relationships with Prospects

One of the more important tips here is that you need to develop relationships with your prospects. The best way to build a pipeline of talent is to do so prior to a job becoming available. The sooner you begin building relationships, the easier it will be to fill open jobs. Do not wait until a job becomes available to implement these strategies. Instead, create a passive pipeline of talent and then use that pipeline to fill open jobs when they become available at your company.

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