5 Ways in Which Technology Can Improve Your Recruitment

By Cohesion Recruitment

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It's no surprise that we live in a world driven by technology.

Love it or hate it, when it comes to technology - the world of Recruitment should be no different. Get it right, and technology can support and enhance your processes. Get it wrong - technology can hinder, or even damage, what you've set out to achieve. 

So, what should you consider when looking at using technology in Recruitment?

1. Technology makes you accessible. Always.

Whether it's online shopping at 10pm on a Sunday evening, or reading news from across the globe - access to information, services and companies is a 24/7 notion. It's the norm, and it's not going away - that's the same for Recruitment, too.

Candidates expect timely information and access to your people. Your careers site and social media platforms should paint a rosy but truthful picture of your Company and industry. Ensure the information you're broadcasting is capable of coming to life. Videos; case studies; real employee stories - without these, the potential to recruit the right pereson is reduced massively. 

Understand your candidate demographic. Understand how they want to communicate. Generation Y will appreciate Twitter Q&A sessions and the ability to conenct through social media, for example. 

2. Technology allows you to tell a story.

I've talked about the power of a strong careeres site - you want it to tell your story. But, your story shouldn't end on your own website. Online review sites have been around for a while now, but we're seeing more candidates turn to the likes of Glassdoor before clicking to apply.

What happens when you receive negative feedback? Don't ignore it - deal with it. Respond; build bridges, and; supply contact details so that the reviewer can connect with you. Not only do these sites tell your story - they bring it to life, too.

3. Technology provides additional touch points throughout the process.

Technology reinforces the nature of two-way communication. Use your technology to ensure candidates are responded to. Small gestures like 'good luck' texts on the day of their interview will not only look great, but gives the candidate another avenue to communicate with you if they can't attend. 

We ensure that the candidates applying to our client's Early Talent programmes have access to a suite of assessment centre preparation videos, hosted on YouTube. We know these generations respond well to online media, and have YouTube at their fingertips. If they like it - they'll share it, and your brand, too. Hello, easy talent pool.

4. Technology supports your assessment processes. 

Your Applicant Tracking System will aid communication, and track your candidates' Recruitment journey. This in itself allows you to measure vital Recruitment metrics. A good ATS will embed your telephone interview into the candidates' application. An even better one will integrate video interviewing technology, too.

We partner with Shortlister, to ensure we're using some of the best video interviewing technology out there. We allow candidates to complete their assessment at a time that suits them and, when it comes to recruiting internationally - there are no conflicting time zones. Unlike a telephone interview, we see the real person and how they present themselves. Because it's a video, we can watch it again, and again - and, so can our clients.

5. Technology has opened up a world of Apps.

Whether you're an 'app geek'*, or you've just realised that your compass also doubles up as a spirit level (if you didn't know; you're welcome) - there is an app for everything. 

The likes of Indeed and Job Today have made it easy for candidates to download, browse, and apply for a job within minutes. Other companies, like Proversity, bring learning and Recruitment into one space - rather cleverly, I might add. Whatever it is you're after - I can guarantee there is an app for it.


Technology is here today, and won't be gone tomorrow - embrace it in Recruitment, for all the right reasons. And, by that, I mean use it as a tool - not as a replacement to human contact with candidates. Research by Oxford University and Deloitte found a 77% probability of 'repetitive and predictable' roles being automated in the future. For my sake, and yours - please don't let this happen to Recruitment, too!


To discuss technology in Recruitment, contact Dave Beesley, Talent Director, at [email protected]


*app geek = when you answer questions with "I have an app for that!"


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