7 Ways You Can Maximize LinkedIn Hiring

By Kelly Barcelos

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If one of your recruitment strategies is to hire the right candidates through the platform of LinkedIn, it’s a great strategy. You can find some of the best candidates on this platform, but you have to do it right. In this article, we will look at some tips that will help you maximize LinkedIn recruitment.

7 Must-Know Tips for Effective LinkedIn Recruiting

  • Target Passive Candidates

When you are hiring on LinkedIn, search for talent who have similar roles to the one you are hiring for. Look for talents who mark that they are open to new roles or actively looking for a job. You can find some amazing hires by targeting passive candidates.

  • Use your Employees’ Network

LinkedIn shows your connections on your profile or while you search. Look for potential candidates in your employees’ professional network. It becomes easier to connect with them when they are in your network.

Candidates who are familiar with your company and your employees will be more likely to be culturally fit for your organization.

  • Participate in Groups

One of the best features of LinkedIn groups is that you can message members even if you are not connected to them.

This will make it easier for you to reach out to passive and interested talent. You can search for potential candidates by using the ‘Members’ page of the group. If you see anyone you think could be the right fit for the job, contact them directly.

  • Boost your LinkedIn SEO

Social media recruiting can be successful when SEO rankings are high. Most applicants search for job openings every day. By boosting your LinkedIn SEO, you can influence your own search rankings easily.

Insert relevant keywords in the headline, job title and summary. This will increase your rankings. Use keywords relevant to your industry for better results.

  • Update your Status Regularly

As a LinkedIn recruiter, you must post status updates regularly to build a presence on the LinkedIn platform. If a position opens up, add a link to it and write a message that you are hiring. It will direct the applicants where to apply.

You can also see which candidates are responding to your status through their comments and likes. Just by scrolling through those comments, you may find some great candidates.

  • Advertise Important Jobs

Take advantage of job posting on LinkedIn. There are different packages to choose from.

You have to pay $195 to post one job, a five-listing package costs $145 per job and a 10-listing package costs $115 per job.

There is no need to advertise every single job position. Use the platform when you want to hire the best talent for an important job role. Since it will help you reach a larger audience, you can choose from the best.

When you do post a job listing, ensure it is as detailed as possible. If your job postings are thorough, you will attract only the interested candidates.

  • Use Analytics for Better Results

When you are recruiting through LinkedIn, you must see how well your posts are doing or how people are reacting to them.

Use the analytics feature of LinkedIn. It allows you to gain insight into which candidates are interacting with the posts. You can also identify successful posts and who all are reading them. Based on this information, you can modify the future posts that can attract more applicants.

LinkedIn recruiting is becoming common in many companies. If you use the platform well, you can find a number of great candidates. Be active and interact with whoever who you think would fit the job description well. 

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