8 More Tips For Hiring the Right Employee

By Samantha Brannon

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A successful business is based around bringing in the right people.

Businesses that struggle are often plagued by the wrong hires who end up being unproductive, tainting the work environment, and wasting valuable time.

Obviously then you need to be very careful when going through the hiring process; you want to hire people who are competent, have positive attitudes, and will enhance the overall culture of your company.

So what can you do to help ensure your company lets the good ones in and keep the bad ones out?

Well, we’ve made things easy for you, here are 8 tips that are essential to hiring the right employees.

1) Define the Position You’re Looking To Hire For

It all begins with performing an analysis of the job you’re hiring for. This consists of collecting information regarding the responsibilities, duties, necessary skill set, working environment, and outcome of the particular position you’re looking to fill. Only when you full understand the job itself can you determine the criteria a potential candidate needs to meet and create a job description for any new employees. This description not only helps you develop a strategy to recruit and hire the best candidate, but also allows those seeking employment to clearly understand a particular job’s requirements before applying.

2) Develop A Recruiting Strategy

Now that you’ve got the job description together, you can meet with the key personnel who will be involved with the candidate selection process. The point of the meeting is to design a recruiting plan that will designate the specific goals of the hiring process and from there detail how any potential employees will be recruited. Designing a recruiting strategy will not only improve your chances of finding the right candidates, but will lead to a much faster hiring process.

3) Create A Hiring Checklist

The more you systemize the hiring process, the more efficiently it will go. By using a checklist, you’ll be better able to keep track of things while informing the hiring manager of all recruiting and hiring progress.

4) Go Where the Talent Is

Whether it’s online or in-person, you want to determine where the optimal candidates would be. If you’re looking for a tech wiz, stop by a demo day or hackathon. Need someone for sales? Check out a trade show to see how possible candidates interact with customers? Seeking a candidate with a specific passion? There’s a good chance you’ll find a meetup group for it.

Also, while attending conferences might not sound thrilling, they can be a very effective way to draw in new talent by giving you a forum to more casually talk about your business or company. Interacting conversationally with potential employees lets you sell the vision of your business without the formalities or pressures of an actual interview; this not only makes people aware of your company, but also allows them to match your business with a name and a face, making the idea of working for you that much more compelling.

5) Attract With Flexibility

More and more today employees are seeking the ability to work outside of the standard 9-5PM routine, and offering flexible work hours can be a powerful selling point. In our increasingly mobile world, offering a chance to work remotely outside the office will go a long ways to boost employee happiness without diminishing productivity.

6) Show Off Your Company’s Values and Culture

Skills are teachable, attitude and personality isn’t. So be willing to bring someone in who might not be quite as talented as others if he would mix in perfectly with the culture of your company. Finding employees who can both communicate well and deal constructively with tough situations or conflicts is crucial to a business’s success.

This is why you want to use the interview as a way to get a good read on a candidate’s personality. Job interviews don’t have to be hypertensive situations, and by creating a relaxed atmosphere and asking questions designed to reveal whether or not a candidate’s personality will lend itself to your company’s culture, you can learn a lot about whether or not a particular interviewee will succeed if hired. A couple of examples of questions could be ‘Would you want to have super powers, and if so, why?’ and ‘If you were stranded on a desert island with six other people, what type of role do you think you’d play?’

Additionally, it’s important to make clear to a candidate what your company’s values actually are. If you value productivity and results over all else, then list it as a core value. If your business is more concerned with creativity and innovation, then show that instead. This give your business a sense of identity and give potential candidates a fair understanding of whether or not they’d be a good fit.

7) Be Impressive

Remember, you might be interviewing the candidate, but there’s a good chance the candidate is also interviewing you. With the likelihood that candidates have other companies considering them, you want to go out of your way to show that your business is the place they should be. Flying candidates in, booking nice hotels for for them, taking them out for expensive dinners while introducing them to one or two members of your team are great ways to not only impress candidates, but also develop the sort of reputation that attracts the best applicants.

8) Consider A Preliminary Offer

With all the time and money it takes to not only hire, but also replace someone who doesn’t work out, offering an initial short-term contract can be a smart way to go. Because while incredible resumes and fantastic interviews can give you some insight, you don’t know how a candidate is really going to react to a work environment until they’re actually in that environment. By bringing someone in to work on a specific project or in a freelance capacity, you can test the waters without worrying about drowning in them.


Samantha Brannon is an entrepreneur and freelancer. She is also a co-founder and writing editor at www.trustessays.com/ writing service. Samantha loves self-education and rock music. Connect with her via Twitter


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