All Work & No Play Won't Make Your Employees Stay!

By Cohesion Recruitment

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So, you pay a good salary and a yearly bonus - but, really, is that enough to attract and retain your workforce? 

With research suggesting that the younger workforce are actively searching for employers based on much more than a good salary - the answer to this could be no. 

Employees are now look at other factors - workplace culture, flexibility and 'perks' - as top motivators for taking a job. So, is it time for you to embrace the chance and adapt your workplace to be a more fun and attractive place to work?

We've put together some points to consider...

Is it necessary? 

We know that at least 30% of employees regularly search for jobs, even when they appear to be happy in their current role. This will often lead to a lack of productivity and, more often, increased levels of absenteeism. Introducing a little bit of 'fun', and harvesting a happy work-life balance into the culture of your workplace, can help turn this around!

A recent survey, carried out by Bright HR, found that employees felt 67% more creative when working in a happy and fun environment - 33% of which reporting they felt more valued. Interestingly, 87% of those employees working in this environment advised they were less likely to leave the company - a direct link between 'fun', and retention.

Is fun, professional?

The common misconception is that an element of 'fun' will distract employees from their work - in fact, this could have the complete opposite effect. For example, if you want your Marketing team to think creatively - perhaps having the flexibility to take a five-minute power walk might just be the answer. 

Have you ever noticed the happy vibe in the office on 'dress-down' Friday? Well, why not introduce a 'business casual' dresscode in the office? It certainly works for us here at Cohesion - along with our table tennis table in the staff room for a bit of lunchtime entertainment. 

Okay - so maybe Virgin's idea of unlimited holidays is not something you're ready for yet. Perhaps Bright HR's dark rest room isn't something you can accommodate right now. But, we're aware of the significant benefit this has had on their employees. Incorporating a fun, relaxed environment into your business can have a significant impact on productivity. 

Whilst 'fun at work' is a scary concept to some managers and business owners - we know that there is a significant benefit to your business if your employees feely happy. Let's face - people spend the majority of their time at work. They won't stay if they're not happy. 

But, who is responsible for making it happen?

Everyone – including managers and the CEO, too! The key thing to remember here is that a fun workplace culture cannot be imposed - it is embedded in the people, the place - it is the way things are! 

I appreciate that, whilst it works for some people, it’s not for everyone. But, firstly, do you know what engages your workforce? Only then could you start to consider which changes to implement within your business. 

We know that, regardless of age, giving employees trust and empowerment can help increase engagement and productivity levels. This doesn’t mean that you have to give them more responsibility – it can be as simple as giving your employees the choice of whether or not they wear a tie.

Rome was not built in a day, and we know that culture cannot be imposed – just like fun. Not all staff will be motivated by a fun, social life after work, or; team building activities. Therefore, it is important that, whilst managers are seen to embrace/encourage this workplace culture, it should not be enforced! Remember, organisational culture develops over time – the idea that ‘work can be your happy place’! 

'Thank you'

Nothing can beat a good old ‘Thank you’! In any way, shape or form - recognising colleagues and showing them appreciation can go a long way.

Fun reward schemes are becoming increasingly popular – team reward days, perk box, fruit boxes etc. However, alternative ‘free ways’, such as a mention in newsletters, post it notes left on screens, emails, yammer messages – a small thank you can go a long way! 

People want so much more than a good salary!

We know that simply creating a fun environment for your employees can have the greatest impact on productivity, absence and retention rates! Whilst salary is an important factor to consider, we know that the younger workforce are now looking for much more than this, when considering accepting a job. We also know, from our recently conducted Graduate parent research, that parents are also keen to encourage their children to look for an organisation that; makes them happy; will develop them, and; has a strong focus on employee engagement.  A high salary alone is no longer the single most important factor. 

It is evident that creating a fun work place can have benefits - to both existing employees, and also when attracting new employees. Have fun making your work place, a happy place - somewhere to look forward to going on a Monday morning.

Remember, happy employees make happy customers and clients!


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