Andy Headworth - 5 Insights Gained Whilst Writing Social Media Recruitment

By Tony Restell

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Andy Headworth - Social Media Recruitment

This last week I was thrilled to be joined by Andy Headworth, author of Social Media Recruitment, for a live Q&A session in which we fielded many of your most pressing social recruiting questions. If you missed it - and the wealth of insights and case examples that Andy shared - you'll find the recording below.

The session began with Andy sharing 5 insights he gained from writing his best-seller Social Media Recruitment. This included some really innovative examples of ways Recruiters have used new social angles to recruit - my personal favourite being the bespoke Spotify playlists to woo potential new hires! Thereafter we moved on to fielding your questions and addressing the challenges you've been facing in using social media to recruit.

If you've any follow-on questions or observations, feel free to comment below or to reach out to us on @andyheadworth and @tonyrestell


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