Attracting Strong Leaders

By Lindsay Edwards

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Every firm needs a mix of people. It is very rare for one type of person to make the ideal employee. Usually a mix of skills is what is needed to be successful in the modern world.

However, one type of person every company needs is strong leaders. People who will take the lead and get things do. Every firm needs at least some employees that others will happily follow and can turn to for direction when they need additional help or advice.

Whether you are a small or a large firm, having at least a few of these people in your team is vital. So, how do you find this kind of person? Here are our pointers to help you to find, recruit and retain strong leaders.

Be clear about what you need

We have all done it posted a job advert with the term ‘strong leadership skills essential’ in it, and we have all thrown CVs that just say ‘I have strong leadership skills’ without any further explanation into the bin. The problem with both statements is that they are essentially a throwaway phrase that actually means nothing.

For example, if you need someone to lead your team of apprentices you are going to want someone with a different skill set and background than if you were looking for someone to lead your sales team. You need to be clear in your job advert about what the role entails. If you are not clear about this in your job advert, you will not attract candidates with the right experience and type of leadership style.

People want to know in advance, what is expected of them. They do not want to waste time applying for a job that it later turns out they are not suited for.

Leaders like strong leadership

Most good leaders like to know where they stand. They want goals to be laid out clearly, so that they know where they are going, why and what the options are for getting there.

Someone with this mindset is not going to want to apply for a job with a firm that does not have a clear purpose and goals. Remember that candidates vet prospective employers just as thoroughly as you vet them. They know what they are looking for in a job and the type of firm they will feel comfortable working for.

This means that your website, press releases and job adverts all need to clearly outline what your firm is a about. If you want the right people for the job, you need to make a good impression on them.

Outline the benefits of working for you

Most good leaders are strivers. They are not content to stand still in life. For them ongoing development is part of who they are. If you want to attract strong leaders to your organisation you need to make it clear what you have to offer them as well as what they can do for you.

Every firm should have ongoing development training available for their staff, especially their management team. Cirrus connect executive leadership development training is a great example of the type of training a strong leader will want to see offered by a prospective employer.

By following these three basic tips, you will greatly increase your chances of recruiting great leaders for your business.

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