Beat Internal Team Burnout: 4 Research-Backed Reasons to Augment Your Recruiting Efforts

By Chris Murdock

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Bringing an outsourced recruitment team to help augment your recruitment efforts is a hard choice. You want to believe your team can do it all, but the truth is, there's more to sourcing and recruiting than a team can handle when they've hit max capacity. On top of that, not every RPO is created equal and trust can be a big barrier with just any recruiting agency. Some talent acquisition professionals are hesitant to outsource such an important part of their growth model. Here are four reasons to move past the objections and start scaling, building and leveraging the right outsourced recruiting partner for you.

4 Reasons to Augment Your Recruiting Efforts

To Focus on Core Competencies

Unless you started a recruiting firm, you’re probably not an expert in recruiting. In fact, a disappointing 39% of organizations rate their HR capabilities as “good” or “excellent”, so if you’re struggling you’re not alone. So why waste internal resources on something that isn’t an organizational strength? When you use a leveraged recruiting and sourcing firm, you can remove the arduous administrative burden, avoid the time suck involved in fruitless interviews and still get the candidates you need to move your business forward.

If you already have an incredible HR department or are attempting to build one, recruiting and sourcing can fall far below more permanent and consistent needs like culture building, benefits administration and rewards and recognition. Remember, you don’t need to be an expert in everything, a leveraged recruitment partner can help you focus on what you’re great at and grow your company at the same time.

You Need to Scale…but not Indefinitely

We know we’re in a candidate-driven market. According to recent WSJ research, we have the exact number of job openings in the US, as we do unemployed people. It’s been decades since that’s happened! This is great news for the economy, but it makes it harder for business owners, hiring managers and talent acquisition professionals to fill badly needed openings, even just for replacement workers. If you need to scale? You’re up against some serious odds. In December 2017, 31% of small business owners said that in the current period they offered positions they were unable to fill.

When you need to grow your company in a competitive market, hiring top talent quickly becomes a crucial issue. But a period of rapid growth and rapid hiring doesn’t last forever, so building out a robust talent acquisition team you may not need next year…well, it doesn’t make great business sense. With a leveraged model, your organization gets the sourcing and recruiting expertise it needs, without huge overhead costs that you may not be able to support in the future. Using only the hours you need, when you need them, helps keep your growth-minded company lean and agile.

To Introduce New (Better) Tech

Technology is the ultimate enabler and a major reason many companies decide to work with an RPO or hybrid outsourced firm. In fact, more than 40% of RPO deals are bundled with a technology capability, according to a recent Everest report. Implementing technology within organizational walls CAN be a stumbling block, even for those with experience in change management. One foolproof way to make sure your new (expensive) technology sticks, is to hire someone who knows exactly how to operate it efficiently and expertly.

When using a leveraged recruitment or sourcing model, like our offerings, every search remains your IP. All research, technology and knowledge built during our tenure with your company is your property. We also work with a cutting-edge ATS to ensure you have not just sourcing knowledge and recruiting prowess, but the ability to interview and schedule seamlessly. Since 56% of businesses are in the process of “redesigning their HR programs to leverage digital and mobile tools,” according to Deloitte University Press, this is clearly a priority.

Your Team is Lagging

Your team is awesome. But sometimes when a recruiting team is under-resourced, they can struggle with burnout. Bringing in a supplemental team to assist with difficult searches, help open a new office, or simply focus on an executive placement, can free your team up to do what they do best. Avoiding burnout for your internal employees is crucial in a tight talent market and since a new study from Kronos Incorporated revealed employee burnout is a huge factor in talent retention, a concern that should be top of mind. In fact, 46% of HR Leaders blamed employee burnout for up to half of their annual workforce turnover.

Working with a company that can alleviate burnout, help you scale, introduce new and game-changing technologies and keeps you focused on your core competencies just makes sense. And the research proves it.

About Chris Murdock:

Chris Murdock is the Co-Founder and Senior Partner of IQTalent Partners. Chris has over 12 years of executive recruiting experience and leads search execution and client relationships along with supporting searches across the firm.  

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