Candidate Sourcing Secrets: How Internal Recruiters Can Find and Win Over Rare Talent

By BRS Global

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How likely is it that your Candidate Sourcing assignments will result in a successful hire being made? How much time do you need to budget for each assignment - and what can you do to increase your chances of success? These are just some of the things we covered in our recent presentation to Corporate Recruiters: "Candidate Sourcing Secrets: How Internal Recruiters Can Find and Win Over Rare Talent". The full recording is provided below - and if feedback from the live event is anything to go by, it will prove to be an invaluable session for anyone in an internal recruiting role.

Recording: Candidate Sourcing Tips, with James Chapman

In this session our Founder James Chapman looks at:

  • How your recruiting team can dramatically improve its Sourcing effectiveness
  • Insider insights derived from European and Global Sourcing campaigns
  • Why your team's LinkedIn results are falling short
  • The single biggest mistake internal recruiters make when approaching rare talent
  • Ideas you and your team can put into practice right away

We very much hope this was helpful to you and your team. To learn more about us and to schedule a complimentary call, do take a look at our services and the ways we work with corporate recruitment teams to augment the in-house recruiting results you are generating.


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