Effective Habits of In-House Recruiters

By Hannah Perella

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We all know how busy HR departments are, and when recruitment campaigns are in full flow, it is even busier. This is when it helps to have people in the team who have developed good recruitment habits and can bring them to the fore. mypeoplebiz has conducted some research to identify the most effective habits of an in-house recruitment team.

Focusing on the end goal

The aim is always to find the right candidate for the right job. Working at the company they are hiring for rather than within an agency, gives in-house recruiters a better  knowledge and therefore a better chance of hiring the right candidate as they know how to describe the real job needs in a clear performance objective way.  Recruiters can get stuck looking for certain skills for a role which may cut out a talent pool of people. A great habit is always to keep the end goal in sight so that momentum is maintained and quick decisions on the available talent are made. Keeping different recruitment channels open rather than narrowing down too quickly also helps. Focusing on delivery and the end goal is key.

Being Productive

Effective in-house recruiters are constantly on the lookout for the best talent and will use every means possible, their career site, social media, referrals or word of mouth. They keep their priorities in check and focus on staying productive in their team’s recruitment activity. One NO GO area is spending too much time over administrative tasks which are not an effective or a productive use of time. In-house recruiters need to be strategic and tactical. To target the right candidates they need to market the organisation effectively.

Staying Relational

Building trustworthy relationships is essential to recruiting. Ineffectual recruiters won’t make an effort to get to know the candidates therefore most likely missing out on key aspects. Sounding unenthusiastic can be the make or break of a hiring process. Therefore successful recruiters know how to make a good impression and stay positive. Good communication to prospective candidates is the cornerstone of recruitment.

Love to Network

Networking is a great way to meet new people and pick up new talent. Asking people if they know of potential candidates can put people in contact with the right person for the right job. If you are an in-house recruiter you should have a talent pool full of candidates with the right skills and experience suitable to work for your organisation. We provide a system where the talent pool is easily managed, helping recruiters to remember those potential candidates without compromising quality of hire.

Professional Development

Improving as an in-house recruiter is an on-going process and we’re here to help! We understand why it is important for in house recruiters to stay on top of work load. Our Automatic Tracking System is designed with Burning Glass Technology using the latest word-matching engine working which works automatically without requiring users to specify keywords. Not only do we cut the cost but we help in-house recruiters juggle the many recruitment tasks all on one platform.  

Is your HR department overflowing with recruitment charts and a backlash of CV’s? Time to step up and motivate your team. They say it take three weeks to form a good habit. So use our advice and start now! 


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