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Ask any professional recruiter today and he or she will say that there is an art to writing the perfect job advertisement. Generally, this takes time to learn, from years of trial and error. Now, with the addition of social recruiting and search engine optimization – it’s any wonder that the average recruiter may find it impossible to craft the perfect job advert that will reel in top talent.

The good news is that writing effective job advertisements it can be accomplished with the right methods. It comes down to understanding a few specifics that make social job searching unique.

How Job Seekers Use Keywords to Locate Job Openings

To develop the best job adverts, one must go deeper into how the average job seeker goes about the process of looking for work nowadays. An online job search is usually accomplished one of several ways, but using a similar method. The first thing a candidate will do when looking for a new career opportunity is to type in certain keywords that describe the desired job type and industry.

Noel Radley, Analyst at Software Advice, an online resource that reviews and researches HR and recruiting technology, gives the following advice, “The first step for recruiters is to figure out how job seekers are looking for new positions. By matching your language to that of job seekers, you’ll increase your chances of candidates finding your post. You can conduct research to understand the keywords being used in job searches, which helps you know specific language to include. And with the free tools that are available, it’s easier than you think.”

Avoiding Costly Mistakes When Posting Jobs on Social Networks

In addition to understanding the search behavior of job seekers, it’s important to also avoid making mistakes with social recruiting that can cost your organization in time and resources. Finding great talent on social networks should be handled with care, because a series of wrong moves can quickly you’re your business a poor reputation. These potential mistakes can include:

  • Not having a solid recruitment brand that stands out from the competition to reel in the best talent.
  • Forgetting how to network and connect directly with active and passive candidates on social networks.
  • Being overly specific when developing job advertisements, which reduces their chances of being found in general job searches.

Fortunately, through the careful planning and delivery of recruitment messages, combined with a knowledge of social recruitment best practices, your organization can reduce the chances of making these mistakes.

Optimizing Job Advertisements to Land the Best Candidates

In terms of online recruitment efforts across the board, social media is just one piece of the puzzle. Businesses have a number of ways they can optimize their job advertisements to land the best candidates. In a Social-Hire Hiring Tips article, we talked about ways to create the perfect job advertisement, based on 15-years of solid practice in online recruiting. To repeat: the ultimate goal of any online job advertisement is to attract the right kind of candidate – the person who is suitable to go through the entire interviewing process and will choose to work for our company vs. the competition.  

Therefore, when writing a job advertisement, it is with this goal in mind that we must write a compelling job description that effectively answers the question “What’s in it for me?” for candidates.  Recruiters must be able to include the elements that create excitement in the candidate’s response, detailing the perks of employment and the career opportunity it represents.

Fortunately, Software Advice has published a special report that focuses on real practices that recruiters can use that can help them get favorable results when advertising for job openings. It was based on interviews with hundreds of the best recruiters across major job search sites. They state that, “We wanted to provide real examples of what has worked, what will work, and what not to do in a popular hiring sector. These tips are universal for all businesses that need to evaluate how to appeal to their hiring pool. Understanding how positions are searched by job seekers, writing unique descriptions, and making sure your online posting avoids internal, inaccessible terms: these are recruiting tips any industry or market can benefit from.”

We encourage you to check out this valuable report for yourself and learn from this as you draft your own job advertisements. Get as close to perfection as you can by understanding how today’s job seekers are locating the best career opportunities on social and online networks. 

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