Facebook vs. LinkedIn – Where Would You Go to Look For a Job?

By Alice Murray

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Considering over 1 billion people worldwide use Facebook every day, you’d think that as a company they would be pretty content with their success up to now.

But some recent news tells us that this isn’t the case. The social media site are always trying to think of innovative ways to reel in more users, and their latest ploy to do this is rather unexpected.

It seems that Facebook’s latest attempt to get more people on board is through the power of job recruitment.

Yes, that’s right. The site is currently testing a feature that would allow page administrators to create job postings and receive applications from candidates; which is a move that probably won’t go down too well with the LinkedIn team.

With Facebook's new 'Jobs' feature, companies could drive more traffic to their Facebook pages while allowing them to pay the social network to get their job openings in front of more candidates.

LinkedIn is a platform that charges money for people to use their Premium accounts. With these, users pay a monthly fee to post CVs, connect with people within the business industry, and look for their next job roles. It is first and foremost, the social media go-to site for business and networking.

Although Facebook may only be in the testing stages of these new features, it is understandable to assume that LinkedIn may be losing a bit of sleep over it.

However, we also can’t automatically presume that people will welcome these new ideas with open arms. LinkedIn has always been a professional, well-structured and informative way to network; whereas Facebook is more renowned for its funny videos, tagging one another in memes, and spying on what your friends are getting up to on the weekends. Not exactly an ideal place to go looking for your next career move, is it?

People have even been known to change their Facebook handle, and make their profiles completely private in order to prevent potential hirers or their boss from having a snoop at their page. So the last thing they’d want is to make Facebook their central point of focus in applying for jobs.

On the other hand, perhaps we aren’t giving Facebook enough credit. Maybe it is a platform which could provide endless opportunities for those who go looking for them.

It’s clear that Facebook is by far the most popular out of the two, so it may even attract a wider variety of job-hunters than LinkedIn does.

LinkedIn tends to cater for a very specific stereotype of business cohorts – which could be its downfall in a scenario such as this. Facebook would likely make more room for younger generations to seek out work. It could also provide more prospects for all of those who are looking for work beyond the boundaries of the typical LinkedIn categories.

At this stage in the game, it’s unclear to guess what the outcome of this will be. Facebook already have a number of central features that keep users logging in every day, so it’s quite peculiar that they feel the need to add more. However, a feature like this will allow people to essentially put all of their eggs into one basket and use Facebook on a more versatile scale.

There are of course other ways to search for your next job without even scratching the surface of social media. You can steer clear of Facebook and LinkedIn all together if it simply isn’t your cup of tea.

Here at KnowNetwork, you can browse through the latest job opportunities that are specifically tailored to your preferences, location and day rate. It’s important to understand that when it comes to looking for a job, there is an entire sea of possibilities to explore. Facebook is merely the latest business giant to try their hand at jumping onto the recruitment bandwagon.

So, is this a case of ‘don’t fix what isn’t broken’ for Facebook or do you think they’re onto a winner with their new scheme? Leave us a comment at www.knownetwork.com/blog and let us know your thoughts.


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