Gain Positive Employer Branding With Effective Social Recruitment

By Cheryl Morgan

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How others perceive your company is vital to its continued success, and you have the opportunity to leave a strong impression with many people each day through your social media presence. Having a positive media brand can greatly influence candidates' and employees' perception of your business. In fact, potential recruits may guess at the pros and cons of working at a business simply based on its reputation. Effective social recruitment strategies can help a business gain a positive employer brand.

Have a Consistent Voice

One thing that will make your social media pages stand out is having a consistent, appealing, and unique voice. It should be one that represents the company and its attitude. For an example of a company that has succeeded in doing this through many different types of campaigns, look at Geico, who uses its specific brand of humor to make ads turn into things that are referenced in pop culture. It does the same through its social media presence.

In order to do this, it's typically helpful to have one writer in control of creating the text of your social media updates. If you have a team of people, be sure to establish clear guidelines that explain the voice that you want each post to have. What's important is that it is strong, clear, and consistent.


Your company's social media presence is more powerful than you may think.

Show Why Working at Your Company is Terrific

One of the most important things that potential recruits want to know is what your company culture is like. Provide insights by creating posts that give your followers an inside look into what it's like to work for your business. For example, you may opt to post a photo of several employees together on a casual Friday or when celebrating something like a new product launch or new client win. Be sure to explain such photos with a bit of information about why your company values or approves of what's shown.

Create a Rewarding Experience

Think of your social media platforms as a way to bring value to your followers. Create posts that help your readers solve a problem that they are likely to face, enjoy something fun, or offer useful information. This could be sharing some news relevant to your industry or local area like upcoming events, offering tips on what your company is looking for in its employees or sharing content produced by those who work at your organisation. The list is pretty much endless, and if you involve other people in it then you don't carry the burden of having to constantly produce new content.

Ignore the Haters

No matter what business you're in, you are likely to receive your share of trolls on social media. This happens to nearly any social media account, even personal ones. Some people will follow you in the sole attempt of causing trouble or ruffling your feathers. Before you respond in anger, remember that your followers are paying attention to how you deal with rudeness, and anything you say will be perceived as a reflection on how your company would deal with this or a similar situation.

Whenever someone posts a negative rumour, snide remark, or other attack towards your company on social media, ignore it. Yes, that does contradict the typical rule of replying to every comment. However, when a troll is just trying to be rude and negative, responding only encourages that negative behaviour. If it continues, block the user and continue.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that how you present your company brand online really matters. After all, more than 70 percent of new hires are now made through online connections. Request a consultation to discuss your social strategy to learn how to be even more effective with positive employer branding.


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