Hiring the Right Person for the Job is Impossible if You Miss This

By Maren Hogan

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It doesn’t matter the size of your organization, 10 employees or 10,000, it’s always the goal to hire the right person for the job. Considering the hiring process takes an average of 25 days, isn’t there a better way to find this candidate faster, easier… without the dreaded unqualified reveal after they are hired? If you don’t have the right tools, or in the very least, the right guide for hiring the right person, chances are, you’ll find out the hard way it was a bad hiring decision.

Surveys, applications, personality assessments, background checks, etc., can really only touch the surface of what makes a candidate the true fit for the position. Hiring the best candidate for the vacant job is an artform with a foundation heavily based in chemistry, but not covalent bonds have nothing to do with this science.

Find the Candidate’s Potential

Everyone has the potential to be good in a job… it just might not be the one you’re interviewing for. Yes, skills are crucial to the success of a new hire, they can’t be the only determinant for establishing how fit or qualified talent is for the vacant position. Focusing on their personality gives a better insight into their ability to adapt to the role than skills alone. Tom Gimbel (@TomGimbel), CEO and Founder of LaSalle Network said:

“Don’t become pigeonholed into thinking the person with the exact necessary experience is the right person for the role. Consider soft skills - like interpersonal skills, communication skills, thought processes and emotional intelligence - because they matter.”


Fit the Personality to the Job

Company culture dictates a certain type of employee that performs best, moves through the organization with the most ease, all while getting along with their coworkers effortlessly. While this is an important personality trait to keep in mind, the open position might call for a different set of characteristics.

There’s a skills gap, you know… employers have positions they can’t find the right talent for - in terms of skills. What are they doing to compensate? Because personality and aptitude are such a major part of the new hire’s ability to adjust to the new role, employers are beginning to turn to personality as a major element of the archetype candidate. Some of the top personality traits they look for include:

  • 86% - Professionalism
  • 78% - High energy
  • 61% - Confidence
  • 58% - Self-monitoring
  • 57% - Intellectual curiosity

Think of the Other Team Members

There’s a difference between highly energetic confidence and a tendency towards aggressive behavior. When you begin screening candidates for your open position, take your current employees - those who will be working directly with your new hire - into consideration. While the decision is ultimately yours to make, don’t risk disengaged employees simply for that sole new hire. Hiring the right person is more than just filling the position with the right skills, the hiring manager has to make sure they fill the personality needs as well. Arthur Gensler (@GenslerOnWork), Founder of Gensler, said:

“Finding the right people is one of the most important skills you need as a leader. Create an environment where your team can work together to develop their talents… What [I’ve] learned is that there is no concept more critical than fostering a collaborative spirit and synergy among a team of tremendously talented people.”

Hiring the right person for the job is impossible if you fail to assess for personality as part of the candidate package. The multiple facets of candidate skills, training, personality, etc., all play a role in how well they will fit into the position, the company, and in the work environment with their colleagues. Find the candidate’s potential to determine if their capabilities are right for the position along with some of the personality traits you feel are most important for success in the role. Your team will thank you and you’ll reap the benefits of hiring the right person the first time with some simple assessments.


Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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