How Do Companies Manage Social Recruitment?

By Social Recruitment Monitor

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Companies that actively use social media for their employer branding and recruiting spend more than 8 hours a week on managing their online activities, and have a response time within 24 hours. These are the results of the 2014 social recruitment survey – a first-ever industry benchmark to get a better understanding on companies’ social recruitment management and strategy. 

Social Recruitment Management - Report

It’s not only Fortune 500 companies that use social recruitment. Lots of companies out there, big or small, see potential in social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to connect and engage with their audience, e.g. to talk about their company culture and job openings. An overview and ranking of companies active on social media for recruiting can be found on the Social Recruitment Monitor, a free tool that measures companies’ performance on their popularity, activity and interaction each week.

In order to get a better understanding on social recruitment management a global survey was conducted among a sample of 180 channel representatives that have their channels listed in Social Recruitment Monitor. Of those representatives, a majority indicated that they own responsibility for the management of their company’s social recruitment channels. 

The outcome of the survey therefore does not only provide a good benchmark for employers currently active on social media, but also gives useful insights to employers willing to take the first steps into the social recruitment sphere. The results taught us that lots of companies take social recruitment management very seriously and have a clear strategy in place. Furthermore we’ve learned from the survey that:

  • Companies spend more than 8 hours a week on managing social recruitment. 
  • Over 90% of questions and comments are answered within 24 hours.
  • More than 80% use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • ‘Increasing employer brand awareness’ and ‘engaging with the target audience’ are mentioned as the most important reasons for social recruitment.
  • Engagement and fan base growth are indicated as most important metrics to measure social recruitment performance.
  • Increasing engagement levels and measuring return on investment are mentioned as one of the biggest challenges for 2014

View the full survey results in this Slideshare:

2014 Social Recruitment Management Benchmarking Survey from Maximum EMG

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