How To Attract Passive Candidates and Generate Positive ROI from Digital Marketing

By Tony Restell

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If you missed our expert question and answer session last week, it was a really insightful call with lots of practical real-world results and experiences from our guest expert. Giles Guest, Director at Enhance Media, came onto the call armed with a wealth of data and examples of how recruiters are putting digital marketing into effect in their businesses.


Recruitment ROI

We looked at topics such as whether or not it's still effective to post job adverts onto job boards and whether Google pay-per-click (PPC) is still a valid means of attracting candidates. We talked about the types of tools you would need in order to do a great job attracting candidates and clients with social media - and some of the top recommendations I suspect will really surprise you. We talked about the importance of Google search engine optimisation and some of the ways that you can optimise your recruitment website to rank more highly on Google.

Giles was also kind enough to share with us some approximate statistics about the aggregated candidate sources of the recruitment teams he works with. The approximate breakdown was as follows:

50% - Search Engine Traffic (organic SEO)
20% - Pay-Per-Click Traffic
20% - Job Boards
8% - Other
2% - Social Media

A number of key messages came out of this conversation. Firstly, getting SEO right is obviously paramount. If you haven't acted on this in your business yet, this should certainly give pause for thought and help you understand SEO trends and tactics. At the other end of the spectrum, most recruitment businesses and teams have yet to figure out how to attract candidates by social media - which is reflected in the low figures here.

Interestingly, Giles stressed that attracting clients is probably the single biggest win to be had from investing more in social media. Using it as a means of getting your brand in front of potential clients - and then producing a trickle of enquiries and interest through to your business each month - is arguably the most untapped element of social media within the Recruitment sector. I certainly endorse this view of the impact social media can have on client Lead Generation, but equally see that the candidate opportunity is largely untapped at present, as the majority of firms simply haven't figured out how to derive consistent candidate flow from social media. So the opportunity to differentiate your business here if you can crack this is clearly very significant.

The full recording of this session is provided below, it's 45 minutes full of insights and actionable ideas. I highly recommend you take look - and if the social media angle is of interest do also check out our next social media for recruiters webinars.



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