How to Connect Predictive Analytics to Recruiting

By Jeanette Maister

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Recruiting + Predictive Analytics: Making the Connection

On average, a corporate job opening will attract 250 resumes. In many cases, recruiters are managing more than one open position at a time, multiplying the number of resumes to assess and sort through. Over half of corporate recruiters (52%) say finding qualified, fit candidates from a large applicant pool is the hardest part of their job. However, there are more than a few potential benefits of predictive analytics in talent acquisition.

Predictive analytics can help talent acquisition teams better identify:

  • Likely time-to-fill
  • Interview acceptance probability
  • Offer acceptance probability
  • Tenure estimation
  • Candidate future performance 
54% of organizations are already using data like predictive analytics to make decisions.

This list isn’t exhaustive. Advances in machine learning are continuing to introduce new and better ways to influence more informed talent acquisition decisions. In fact, 62% of enterprises are expected to be using some form of artificial intelligence in some capacity by 2018. In a survey by Brandon Hall Group, predictive analytics was a top three talent acquisition technology priority for organizations at 36%. Recruitment marketing (30%) and candidate relationship management (27%) followed close behind.

Did you know that organizations that effectively use predictive analytics for sourcing are more likely to recruit and hire high-quality talent than those organizations that still struggle to use analytics?

The future is here and it’s making hiring a whole lot smarter. With Predictive Recruiting Scoring and analytics, organizations can improve everything from the candidate experience to overall company performance.

About Jeanette Maister:

Global talent acquisition technology leader with extensive experience in global talent acquisition, applicant tracking systems & recruiting technology, recruiting metrics and process. Deep insight into all aspects of campus recruiting strategy. Recognized for driving growth and helping clients transform their recruiting efforts.

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