How to Find Job Candidates Using Social Media

By Ginger Abbot

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Recruiters know how to meet with candidates and decide if they’d be a good fit for the company team, but the internet changed how employers make new connections. Instead of waiting for people to submit applications, recruiters can find candidates on social media sites. Here’s how to find job candidates using social media so your team can enjoy the many benefits of virtual networking.

1. Start by Searching Hashtags


Hashtags are a significant part of using social media to recruit new team members. They connect companies with people who may not have a considerable following but could still have the expertise to make them the best candidate for the job. Use them as a jumping-off point for in-depth searches and check the most common hashtags that empower the recruiting community, like:


  • #jobsearch
  • #jobhiring
  • #recruitment


Hashtags diversify potential candidate fields by fostering more connections. Fill job openings faster by filtering searches with tags used by people who want to meet recruiters virtually.

2. Open a Conversation


Some people may think job recruiting on social media only works if you follow people or comment on posts, but conversations are still a significant part of the hiring process. When someone follows a recruiter or company, the team can reach out to them through the site’s messaging system. Starting a conversation by noting the person’s experience or interests will catch their attention more than comments or likes.

3. Browse Profiles for Information


Social media profiles are also an opportunity to learn about people before spending time and money on interviews. Browse a person’s public posts to find out what they like and have done in previous positions. People often post highlight reels of their work or links to their digital portfolios. They also tend to celebrate professional accomplishments by posting pictures or updating their statuses.


This information helps recruiters decide which potential candidates are more likely to respond to a message and be the right person for a job. It can also speed up the interview process, so scrolling through a profile is always worth a few minutes of a recruiter’s time.

4. Update Your Company’s Profile


When someone receives a cold message from a recruiter, they’ll likely look at the company’s social media profile before responding. It’s an easy way for people to tell if someone spam messaged them or has a legitimate job offer. Updating your business’s profile often demonstrates its legitimacy and is an excellent additional step in learning how to find job candidates using social media.


Building trust with someone is what makes them come in for an interview. That starts by completing the company’s profile on every social media platform it participates in. Post pictures, fill out profile information and schedule timely updates so the feed is always full of recent news.

5. Grow Your Team’s Presence


People will also ignore private messages if the recruiter doesn’t have a robust online presence. Teams should develop their public profiles to demonstrate their professionalism and authority on recruiting topics. If you’re unsure where to start, ask yourself helpful questions like:


  • What do I want in a candidate?
  • Which platforms do I use most efficiently?
  • Are my personal posts consistent?


Any effort will upgrade your presence and make you more trustworthy to people who haven’t interacted with you before. Posting often, keeping your topics professional, and targeting the best candidates with your content are just a few ways to improve your virtual presence and find more job candidates using social media.

6. Include Niche Networking Sites


You may think that job recruiting on social media happens on significant sites like LinkedIn or Facebook, but niche networking sites can be just as valuable. Recruiting teams may find helpful marketing tips by spending time on Moz or find people discussing their professional experience on StackOverflow. Even someone who posts an in-depth answer on Quora could lend critical expertise to your company and fill an open position long-term.

Try Using Social Media to Recruit


Now that you’ve read about how to find job candidates using social media, reflect on what’s currently working and which virtual habits could improve. Whether your team focuses on hashtags, curating better content for your company’s main profile or exploring new sites to expand your candidate pool, your recruiting numbers will skyrocket because your team will connect with people more effectively.


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