Less is More

By Helen Charles-Morgan MIOR

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Less is more!

On Sunday I read an article in one of the Sunday papers that I thought was so true of the recruitment industry.  The gist of the article was that these days we have fewer clients but we need to look after them more than we ever did and that in some cases you earn more from less!

Gone are the days when we had an abundance of clients, but then where those days really any good, the more clients you had the harder you worked to keep them all happy.

Now I am not saying put all your eggs in one basket, what I am saying is look after your good clients, and only work with clients you know you can help. Remember the days as an agency recruiter you had a desk full of vacancies to fill, and you were a Jack of all trades, master of none! Well, stick to what you know, work with just a few clients, but deliver every time. Repeat business is easier to get than new business.

Just a few suggestions on how to keep your clients happy:

  • Always deliver

  • Understand their business, ask questions, be in their space

  • Be a good communicator

  • Stand out from your competition

  • Offer a rate reduction for loyalty

  • Visit them more

  • Network within the organisation, try and know as many people as you can

Look after your clients, and remember less is more these days.


Helen Charles-Morgan

Image Source: Kevin Dooley


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