Leverage Automation to Improve Your Recruitment Efforts

By Matt Shealy

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The process of recruiting the right candidates just got a lot easier. Advances in automation are now making it possible to hire in a more productive manner. However, this does not mean that recruiters are being replaced. It simply means their jobs are becoming far more effective with automation tools so they can focus on building a pipeline of quality candidates faster.

Here are five ways you can leverage automation to improve your recruitment efforts. 

1. Advertise Open Positions

Automation has made it possible for recruiters to advertise their open positions to a very targeted audience. Using tools like Wonderkind or Joveo can help ensure your job is seen by the right type of candidate quickly. Getting the job posting in front of both active and passive candidates that have the needed skills can speed up your search process and reduce costs in the long run as you will not have to sort out as many unqualified applicants. Rather than using an outdated method of posting a job in the classified ads for everyone to see, your job posting will only appear to candidates who are likely to be a good fit. 

Programmatic job advertising allows you to use software to buy digital advertising. This makes the details of your open position available to targeted candidates across the internet. You will save money on ads (with a reduced cost of about 30% per applicant), by only concentrating your efforts on those who are a good fit. This will help you to more easily land your top candidate

2. Social Media Recruitment

LinkedIn is by far the most popular social recruitment site. In fact, about 98% of recruiters use LinkedIn in order to advertise their job openings and seek out the right candidates. What's incredible about this resource is that LinkedIn has several filters that can be used to source the ideal candidates for your company's needs. 

Other popular social media sites can also help you find the right hire quickly You should post your open positions on Facebook and Twitter on your company page to gain free exposure. Additionally, you may be able to find short-term candidates, who could turn into long-term fits on sites such as HireRabbit.

Using social media posts to recruit candidates in an automated way can help you reach job seekers that are looking for a company like you. Another benefit of social media recruitment is that it allows you to vet the candidate in a way you otherwise would not be able to. If they like your page, or apply and provide their social handles, the team can see additional information including posts, connections, previous jobs, and education and overall get a better idea of what kind of person they are in general. 

3. Interview Tracking and Scheduling

There are many manual tasks that we do each day that don't feel like they take up much time. This is especially true during the recruiting process. If you were to add up the amount of time that it takes you to do manual tasks, including scheduling interviews, replying to emails, reviewing resumes multiple times, or even refreshing where a candidate is in the recruiting process, it may add up to hours of time from the recruiting team. 

Fortunately, many repetitive tasks can be automated, creating a better experience for the candidate and saving your team time and money. For example, rather than lose time in multiple emails back and forth to set up an interview time, use a service like  Calendly which syncs with calendars to offer available time and set up a call in one click. 

Rather than send the same process emails multiple times, create email sequences and rules in an email automation tool like MixMax . First, create email sequences around the interview process. For example, maybe the first email setups a time to interview, then the second email sends over helpful ways to prepare for the interview, then finally the third email thanks the candidate and lets them know if they are moving to the next phase. All emails can be set automatically when you connect your recruitment management tool and email manager. This can ensure every candidate has the same, flawless experience and is moved automatically through the recruitment process. 

4. Candidate Screening and Assessments

One of the benefits of automating the recruitment process is the ability to engage with the candidates that are a great fit and automatically weed out individuals who do not meet your standards. Leveraging AI resume screening like Ideal or Freshteam can review every single applicant and then provide a score based on the skills, education, and experience you are looking for. These tools can also help you identify individuals who have applied to work at your company several times. The recruiting team can then contact individuals with the highest scores first. 

Additionally, an important part of the interview process is ensuring the candidate is a good fit. The recruiting process is a time to ensure your business is expressing their unique brand story. You want to make sure you create a company culture story that will attract the right kind of talent. Automation tools like ConveyIQ and Koru can help you create unique candidate journeys that share more information about your company culture. They can also use predictive tools to help you hire for the right cultural fit. 

5. Background Checks

Finally, often the last step for candidates is ensuring they pass background checks. Automation can help. For example, if the position includes much exposure to the press or even clients, your organization may do a social media background check. These background checks look for inappropriate things on their potential new employee's social media sites such as inappropriate statements or bad behavior. While these are social platforms, if the person will be in the public eye, it is vital to understand what information is available to the public. Additionally, your business may conduct a criminal background, especially if the position is for a government entity or working with youths. Automation tools like Checkr speed up the process by using AI and have higher accuracy than other methods. 

Automations Help Move Faster and Save Time 

There are many ways in which leverage automation can improve your recruitment efforts. By speeding up the process you will not only save your organization costs in recruiting time and lost opportunity cost, but you also may get better candidates. Top candidates will not be unemployed for long and may have several companies interested in them. Use automation to speed up the process and help your organization stand out by offering a great recruiting experience. 

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