Leveraging Social Media To Become The Most Talked About Recruiting Brand in Your Niche!

By Tony Restell

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Did you know that as you read this page, there are recruitment businesses growing their brand presence on social media? Some are striking up relationships with potential future clients. Some are growing a highly targeted audience of candidates in their sector. They are quite possibly developing a recruiting brand whose strength is staggering in relation to the size of their business. Worryingly they may well be building up a lead that it will be very costly for other recruitment businesses to claw back at a later date.

Leveraging Social Media for Recruitment Brand Building

That’s why I wanted to host a presentation all about leveraging social media to become the most talked about recruiting brand in your niche, so our recruiter contacts are better placed to act quickly. A strong social media presence can attract a steady flow of targeted candidates to your business. It can spark conversations with potential clients and elevate you to a position of authority in the niche recruiting markets you serve. But you have to have the right social media strategy in place; and you have to know how to deliver on that strategy. Hopefully the video recording below will help enormously. But if you'd like to accelerate things further, you are very welcome to schedule a call with the Social-Hire team to talk through your business and the steps it could be taking. Just book in a convenient time here.

Video Recording: Building Your Recruiting Brand on Social Media

Generally speaking, my recipe for success on any social platform involves initially defining very clearly the audience you want to reach and the ultimate goals of the business for its social media presence. It's also very important to brainstorm all the other businesses, organisations and professionals out there who probably already reach that audience but don't compete with you directly. I cover all this in the recording, along with the next steps which involve making sure you:

  1. Build profiles that ooze with valuable insights and quality content
  2. Proactively get your profile in front of the right audience (active, interested and engaged)
  3. Make time to engage with your followers and fellow group / community members

The slides are also available below, though I recommend the video recording above as lots of the worked examples, screenshares, etc. that I ran recruiters through you'll obviously only see by watching the recording.

FYI: if you didn't know Social-Hire already, we’re a social media outsourcing company focused exclusively on serving clients in the recruitment sector. We help recruitment businesses, recruitment technology companies, in-house recruiting teams, job boards and the like develop the right social media strategy…. and then deliver on that strategy day in day out. And we do all that for less than the cost of an intern. If you’d like to talk through your current social media strategy and ways we could work with you, simply request a callback and we'd be delighted to help.


Slides: Building Your Recruiting Brand on Social Media


Building your recruiting brand on social media from tonyrestell

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