Mobile Recruiting is Here to Stay - But Who Benefits?

By Justin Dennis

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It shouldn't come as a surprise that more and more businesses are using mobile apps to engage with customers and make decisions more efficiently. We live on our devices. Recruiting is not immune to the mobile explosion. If your team isn't connected they should be. 

 90 percent of job seekers are using mobile devices to search job openings and apply for jobs

 90 percent of job seekers are using mobile devices to search job openings and apply for jobs.1 If nine out of ten job seekers are leveraging mobile, doesn't it make sense that recruiters should too? After all, recruitment is not a one-way street. Hiring teams need to share prospects with the recruiter, and recruiters need real-time data to ramp up new business.

The business case for mobile is strong from both sides of the table. Here's why.

Mobile for Candidates
Much has been written about the benefits of mobile recruiting for candidates. For recruiters who have been hiding under a rock for the past few years, it's worth recapping the candidate side of the mobile experience:

  • Mobile is convenient. For job seekers on the go, mobile makes job shopping possible at every point of the day -- on the daily commute, in the gym or in the lunch line. It even opens up the job market to the 7 percent of job seekers who check out postings in the bathroom.2 No joke, it's gross, wash your hands before returning to work, err.
  • Mobile is fast. Where once they would wait until they got home from work to respond to a job posting, candidates can receive job alerts, conduct research and apply within minutes.
  • Mobile attracts Generation Y, who will make up 75 percent of the workforce in 10-years' time. Millennials have grown up with the small screen and may disregard employers that do not offer an innovative candidate experience.3

Mobile Recruiting for Hiring Managers
At first glance, mobile's implications for hiring managers seem limited. A mobile-optimized interface is a great way of reaching a wider variety of candidates but, for hiring managers chained to their desks, that's where the benefits stop. Or do they?

Every hiring manager is looking to boost the bottom line. A mobile recruiting app with a compatible applicant tracking system (ATS) on the back end -- one that lets you enter and access data on the go, not merely a miniature version of the recruitment website -- raises productivity in a bunch of ways:

  1. Hiring teams can enter jobs and put recruiters on the hunt the second a job is posted, significantly reducing time-to-hire.
  2. Hiring and interview teams can pull down data, collaborate quickly and check the status of an application wherever they are.
  3. Mobile apps help nurture your talent pipeline by sending automated updates to the candidates you already have in your ATS.
  4. HR teams can deal with queries, send offer letters and move candidates through the hiring pipeline quickly, increasing productivity.

Hiring managers can access the most up-to-date information from recruiters, view key reports and instantly allocate budgets where they are needed the most, increasing recruitment ROI.

Mobile for Recruiting Agencies 
Software that makes it easy for on-the-go recruiters to put a suitable candidate forward at the touch of a button gets good candidates in the pipeline quicker. If your external recruiter is armed with an efficient mobile workflow, providing RECs will be more like any other conversation via text. Other benefits include: 

  1. Easy access to real-time data gives recruiters a window into the business at all times, massively boosting the recruiter's efficiency.
  2. Mobile apps let recruiters enter notes about candidates soon after meeting them when the candidates and the job criteria are still fresh in their minds.
  3. Mobile productivity frees up time, allowing more time making valuable personal connections with prospects.

In a nutshell, mobile apps let recruiting be the team sport it was always meant to be. Flexible, collaborative systems eliminate any silos between the team's various devices, increase productivity and, consequently, the bottom line. In short, everyone wins.


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