Nurturing Your Talent Pool by Segmentation

By Ella Andrews

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Your database or talent pool is your biggest asset. If you’re struggling to fill positions despite a full database there’s a crack in your pool and it’s slowly draining out.

Your database will naturally decrease each year by as much as 22.5%! 

Segmentation increases the personalisation of how you recruit, the segmentation of your database is you’re the quickest win to placing more candidates, more frequently with more clients.

The power of segmentation exists all around us in our everyday lives, just think about Netflix’s “Top Picks for You”- it makes our lives 10 times easier to pick something to watch when we know we’re most likely going to binge-watch it in a day. 

Lead nurturing comes in plenty of forms (we’ll dive into that later), when it comes to email communication, lead-nurturing emails get 4–10 times the response rate compared to standalone blanket message emails. That’s up to TEN times more placements if worked correctly. 

We’re going to be breaking down:

  1. What is lead nurturing?
  2. How to segment your database
  3. How segmentation improves candidate engagement


So What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is the process of engaging your candidates and clients by providing relevant information at each stage of the recruitment process.

You want to actively move your prospects through your marketing and lead generation efforts, to the point where they become placed candidates and happy clients. 

This lead nurturing tactic is derived from Inbound recruiting. Inbound recruitment creates a remarkable experience through employer brand content and marketing strategies that help you build relationships with the top talent.

By taking an inbound marketing approach to recruiting, companies can connect with passive and active jobseekers, engage with their network, and delight candidates throughout the application process.

Using a multi-channel process and the power of your existing database you can place candidates quicker, fill client positions quicker and free up your recruitment consultants time. 

Some tactics for lead nurturing are:

  • Targeted content
  • Multi-channel nurturing i.e. social media, email marketing..
  • Multiple touches & lead scoring
  • Timely follow-ups
  • Personalisation

Only a small percentage of your leads will be ready to be placed in a position or ready to make a quick hire. That leaves 90% of your leads on the table ready to be nurtured by your agency so that when they’re ready, you will be the only place they want to come. 


How to Segment Your Database

To get the best out of your database you need to be sending targeted messages rather than blanket approach messages to your whole database. 

Targeted, personalised emails are designed to exceed the expectations of your clients and candidates.

Instead of receiving a campaign with generic, one-size-fits-all offers and messaging, your subscribers will receive an email that is targeted directly to them, including their name, role that is relevant to their industry and content developed around their stage in the recruitment journey. 

As we talk more about your database. You need to think more about the different ways in which you can communicate with both your candidates and clients. 

What a candidate is interested in may not be the same as what a client is interested in.

What a structural engineer is interested in may differ from what a Marketing Manager is interested in.

There are times when a blanket message with be sufficient. Say, for something like a business update or general newsletter.

For everything else, you need segments and micro segments within your database for specific targeting and messaging. 

Segmenting is crucial for sending the right message at the right time to the right person to really nurture your existing candidates and clients.

More refined ways to segment are: 

  • By industry
  • By job function

As well as segmenting your database, you should stay on top of the health of your contacts. 

According to HubSpot, your database deteriorates by 22.5% each year!

You can’t really afford to ignore inconsistent data, bad data costs companies around the world $3 trillion per year. 

Your database needs cleaning regularly to fix the following:

  • Formatting issues
  • Stale email addresses
  • Unwanted spaces
  • Duplicate email addresses


How Segmentation Improves Candidate Engagement

Segmenting your candidates and clients has a positive effect on the engagement and time-to-hire / quality of hire. 

When candidates receive relevant information, they are more likely to take action and to identify with your employer brand. 

They feel like they are being looked after by your agency meaning you will be the first place they come to when they’re looking to hire or be hired.

By segmenting your data it allows you to have a deeper insight into your existing candidates and their likelihood to change jobs. Whilst also generating a better understanding of your existing clients and their likelihood to hire a new member of the team. 

When you segment your database you can start to implement the following four stages of inbound recruitment by identifying your different types of candidates/clients.

Lapsed candidates and clients- Use content that raises awareness of the job/industry they are interested in.

Already engaged clients and candidates- Start collecting information on the candidate or client.

A super engaged client or candidate-  When a candidate is ready to be placed into their ideal role. 

Continue to nurture your relationship with the candidate or client to make sure they come back to you the next time they’re looking for a job.

This then allows you to focus on your recruiting efforts and the best way to nurture your candidates and clients with relevant and timely content. 

If we haven’t convinced you by the end of this article, that segmentation of your database for the nurturing of your candidates and clients is extremely valuable- well, maybe you need more convincing..

Written by Ella-Rose Andrews, Inbound marketing for Recruitment Consultant at Catch the Cat Marketing.


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