Recruitment Technology - Your Competitive Advantage

By Tony Restell

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Advances in Recruitment Technology may not be quite as futuristic as drone technology or 3D printers, but innovations in recent years have nonetheless had a profound impact on the recruitment industry. This week we invited Kirstie Kelly, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Launchpad Recruits, to share with us all the impact they are seeing technology have on the recruitment marketplace. The insights, which you can access via the recording below, highlighted the ways that corporate recruiters are leveraging recruitment technologies; and perhaps more interestingly, flagged the need for recruitment businesses to adapt if they aren't to make themselves redundant.

Recruitment Technology - Your Competitive Advantage

Listening to Kirstie talk about the evolution of technologies and their impact on candidate expectations, I was struck by just how much things have moved on. Only ten years ago, candidates would not have expected it to be possible to have interactions with a potential employer until the point they were invited in for interview. Careers fairs were one of the rare opportunities to interact in advance of deciding to apply. Fast forward to today and candidates can interact extensively with an employer's recruitment team - and existing employees - before they've even decided to submit an application. Throughout the hiring process - and when deciding on an offer - they similarly have access to people in the business and those interactions (or lack of them) have the potential to solidify or derail the candidate's decision to join.

The Impact of Recruitment Technology

It's clear that employers are using technology for several key reasons. In part technology adoption helps them to streamline their recruitment processes and improve recruiter productivity. In part technology helps ensure compliance and addresses concerns around diversity hiring and protects the business from discrimination claims. Without doubt recruitment technologies also help companies to attract candidates and improve the candidate experience.

The danger for recruitment businesses is that if companies become heavily wedded to technologies for these reasons - and the corresponding benefits they bring the business - then any recruitment agency not working in a similar fashion will look increasingly less like they're part of the solution to their recruitment problems. Can you afford to let your recruitment business be made redundant because you were slow to adapt?

Recruitment Technology - Your Competitive Advantage: Webinar Recording

Without further delay I share with you the webinar recording below. I hope you find it an enlightening session and if you're contemplating experimenting with video for recruitment in your own business, do take advantage of Launchpad's trial offer or book yourself in a demo with them to see how some of these tools work.

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