Social Interaction: Transforming Your Success On The Social Web

By Tony Restell

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When I talk to recruiters, one of their key concerns is how to be effective on "The Social Web". Having spent years perfecting how to attract talent via effective online advertising, there's now a pressing need to become just as effective at social interaction as a means of attracting potential hires.

Social Metrics PRO
 have produced a really insightful list of 21 tips you should follow to be more effective in your social media marketing endeavours. They've kindly agreed we may republish these below - and from this list I would highlight 7 things in particular for recruiters to focus on: 

1. Being successful on the social web requires a significant investment of time. Working smart can achieve greater results in a shorter timeframe, but there's no getting around the fact that time investment is needed

2. A key component of successful social interaction is offering valuable advice. This cements trust in you as a source of valuable insights

3. Your effectiveness on the social web will be greatly enhanced if you put some real personality into your messages. Let people get to know you (or your brand). Don't forget, people like to buy from other people - and the same is true in the hiring market.

4. Conversation is much more effective than self-promotion. The more social interaction you see taking place via your social networking channels, the greater the traction you know you are achieving

5. Patience is crucial on the social web. Results will not come overnight - but with persistence and by maintaining a consistent presence and persona, you will develop a strong social following.

6. Being selective about what you join is key. Spreading yourself too thinly across social platforms and groups invariably means your social interaction on each will be diminished. Pick and choose which you can really afford to invest in having a meaningful presence on - and which you are better off abandoning.

7. Have fun and remember that enthusiasm sells. If you are having fun, that will infuse your messages - and the warmth of your social interaction will be far more appealing.


How To Transform Your Success On The Social Web

Social Interaction: Transforming Your Success On The Social Web

Source: Social Metrics PRO, 21 Rules For Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies


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