Social Recruiting Tips for Beginners

By Cheryl Morgan

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Attracting the right employees for a company has become more complex in the digital age. It also is actually a lot easier to connect with potential hires than ever before, and the use of social media makes it possible for you to easily explore a wider talent pool than previous tools like job ads and headhunters ever allowed.

It's now a must for everyone who hopes to hire a quality team of employees to venture into the world of social recruiting. These social recruiting tips will provide you with the basics on how you can get started on the right foot and soon be well on your way to finding your next hire.

Create Specific Goals

Make a list of what you hope to achieve. Don't just jump in to social recruiting and expect to play it by ear. It's important to set clear goals that will inform the actions you take and the decisions that you need to make as your recruitment needs change. Also, the fulfillment of these goals is how you know whether your efforts have been worth it.

Set specific short-term goals as well as long-term goals. Some common ones include connecting with potential talent on a weekly basis and showcasing the company's employer brand.

Set Up Accounts with the Right Social Media Sites

In order to determine the social media websites where you should be recruiting, determine who your target audience is. If you only want to connect with a younger crowd, you may focus your efforts on Twitter and Instagram. However, you may want to hire from a pool of candidates who range from aspiring professionals who may soon be graduating college to older professionals with a great deal of specific expertise. In that case, you may fare better if you choose a combination of sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Social recruiting
Be clear on who your target audience is to optimise your chances of success.

Choose Your Links Carefully

Links to your website should be included in many of your social media posts. The links can help drive traffic to your company site and increase how much potential applicants think about your company. Choose where you would most like to drive traffic, and create a link to it that enables you to track how many hits you receive from a specific social media post. This data can help you determine what works and what doesn't appeal to your social media followers.

Respond to Your Followers

If you just create a social media account and post things to the world at large, you are missing out on what is most beneficial to your company about social media.

Be sure to engage in communication with your followers. These are likely potential recruits, and you want to build a relationship on social media with those who are already interested in your company. Keep in mind that your followers may be witnessing any public communication that you have, so always be polite and professional no matter what is said to you.

Finally, keep in mind that social recruiting is a complex process, and you may need to reevaluate and change your goals as you learn more about social media. Check out our monthly social media recruiting plans to have us help you establish and develop a successful social media recruiting presence.


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