Social Recruiting Tips, Tools & Strategies That Save You Time

By Cheryl Morgan

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Social recruiting is here to stay, and it is simply going to be a part of life for every human resources professional or recruiter from this point on. Since it is the best way to be continually in touch with both active and passive candidates, it is worth the time and effort to do it well. Here some tips, tools, and strategies that can save you time with your social recruiting work.


Schedule Your Posts

As long as you're not creating all of your posts about breaking news, it's a good idea to schedule your social media posts one or two weeks in advance. You can use tools like Tweetdeck to schedule Twitter updates well in advance, and Facebook has that feature built in to all its business pages. Or a tool like Buffer enables you to add all of your social profiles so that you can schedule content across them. Rather than working to create and add new posts each day, setting aside a larger block of time for the purpose of creating several posts can be an efficient, time-saving strategy.

Listen to Your Audience Feedback

You can prevent a lot of wasted time by listening to what your followers want to see on your page. That way, you're not busy posting a lot of things that get skipped or overlooked.

Simply post a link where your readers can answer a few simple questions. Make it user-friendly and convenient, and you may be surprised by how many of your followers are willing to share their thoughts with you. Be sure to study the feedback and implement changes when the majority rules on an issue.

A lot of the social media tools also enable you to monitor which posts have been most popular, which helps you to figure out what sort of content to focus on.

Consider what your recruits may think about your posts.

Set Aside Time to Respond

Set aside a specific time to respond to your followers on every weekday. This should be done during traditional business hours, and you should reply as consistently as possible. When responding, keep in mind that your answers are being read by many more people than simply the one asking the question. If you find that you're being asked the same sorts of questions frequently then create an area on your site where you provide the answers to these as then you can just share a link rather than having to give the answer in full again.

Create Memes

Images typically gather more views and shares on social media than all other types of posts. Therefore, once a month, you should take the time to create memes that are specifically targeted to your field and followers.

They don't have to be fancy. A quote that your followers can relate to set against an attractive background can be a share-worthy meme. Create several at a time, then schedule them to post over the course of a month. When used effectively, they can be a great tool to increase your visibility and express some basic attitudes of your company.


As you continue to try out new ways to reach potential recruits through social media, have a go at implementing some of these ideas to save you a great deal of time and also prevent frustration and perhaps even burn-out. Experiment with your own ways to simplify your social recruiting techniques as well.
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