Social Recruiting: What, Why, When and Where!

By Laurie Wood

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Social recruiting. What’s the point of it all? I’m going to cover the 4 W’s of social recruiting. What, Why, When and Where!

Social recruiting is a slang term for social media recruitment. This is the process of recruiting candidates via social media platforms.

This report by Flint outlines it nicely. From 2016, there were an estimated 51.8 million people 18+ in the UK and 43.1 million (83%) of them use social media. Why? Because people are turning to online media (and social media) for on-demand news, stories & jobs. This article from the Guardian reports a gradual decline in newspaper sales. Ask yourself, when was the last time you applied for a job via the local newspaper? Or even dropped a CV into a shop for them not to turn around and say “apply through our website”. Everyone’s online, everyone uses social media which has resulted in a large potential reach.

This depends on the role the recruiter is looking to promote and the platform they choose. Each platform tends to have it’s peak times of traffic. For example, according to Hubspot, as of April 2018, the best time to post on Twitter is Wednesday at 12pm, 3pm or 5pm-6pm where traffic is at it’s highest. Whereas the best time to post on Facebook is on the weekend. These times, however, do change frequently, so it’s important to keep doing your research every few months to stay on top of trends. Have a read at one of our articles which goes into much more info. It is also good to take note of the type of role you’re posting. If you’re seeking, for example, an administrative person, I suspect most people which fit that persona are already in a Mon-Fri 9-5 job. So consider early mornings when people are eating breakfast, lunchtimes and in the evening from 5.30pm when people finish work.

Deciding what platforms to show your job advert may be a simple “one size first all” for someone else’s job advert, but may not be yours. This is where age demographics come in real handy. If you wanted to promote a higher management position would you use Snapchat? Ideally, no. As per Flint’s report, Snapchat’s most dominated age demographic is 18-24. Realistically, a higher management position would probably need far more experience than someone aged between 18-24 can offer. Facebook, however, has a strong age range of users from 18-44, therefore this platform would be more appropriate.

Be aware that recruiters & employers may (though probably will) screen your social media profiles prior to interview. This is completely legal and starting to become the ‘norm’. In other words, make sure you have hidden that photo of you flashing your underwear at your friends’ party as it may not be a very good first impression!


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