Social Recruitment Strategies to Learn From: Domino's Pizza

By Lindsay Shoemake, JWT INSIDE Account Coordinator

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Domino’s Pizza has a goal – to become the best pizza delivery company in the world. With its solid social recruitment strategy intact (as well as downright delicious pizza!), the brand is well on its way to attaining that goal by hiring the best in the food service business. JWT INSIDE had the opportunity to chat with Domino’s Pizza’s Talent Acquisition guru, Brienne Stiteler, to learn about what the brand is doing in the social sphere to reel in the best talent. Keep reading to learn more about the tactics that Domino’s is implementing in the social media space to attract and retain talented hires in their stores and corporate offices alike.

Domino’s career site offers a wealth of opportunities.
From pizza chefs and delivery drivers to data analysts and corporate advisors, the career site for Domino’s Pizza offers ample opportunities to job seekers of all backgrounds and levels. The site’s homepage is clearly branded with Domino’s mission statement and also features separate portals that direct visitors to appropriate employment opportunities in the corporate, supply chain and in-store realms. Another unique feature of the brand’s career site is the wealth of opportunities available to current college students and recent grads. Domino’s even offers a Leadership Development Program to college graduates who are interested in pursuing director, vice president and franchise owner roles and helps educate and propel young professionals into those roles.

Stiteler mentioned that although Domino’s career site has been intact for some time now, throwing social recruitment-specific channels into the mix is a more recent tactic.

“Although we have had dedicated social channels for a few years now, we ramped up our (social recruitment) efforts in the last six months. Prior to that, it wasn’t uncommon to see tumbleweeds and cobwebs on our LinkedIn and Twitter pages,” Stiteler said. “We are currently focused on strengthening the relationship between our future team members and our company, and ensuring that our communications are a true reflection of who we are as a brand and as an employer.”


Twitter is used as an engaging, witty social platform.
When it comes to the @DominosCareers Twitter account, the brand expertly packs as much engaging information into 140 characters as possible – and succeeds at it. Up-to-date job opportunities are constantly highlighted on the account’s Twitter feed, as well as relevant company news, pizza commentary and engaging on-brand announcements. The @DominosCareers account also frequently uses the hashtag #coolplacestowork, reaching job seekers who aren’t just looking for a place to work and advance their careers, but also to play.

Stiteler discussed that keeping technology at the forefront of the brand’s social strategy – including Twitter – has helped propel Domino’s established employer brand.

“Although our company is over 50 years old, we are well known for staying current, if not ahead of the technological times. In fact, Domino’s is now consistently one of the top five companies in online transactions, and 40% of our sales in the U.S. are taken through digital channels. We are often referred to as a ‘technology company that happens to sell pizza,’” she said. “We are known as a technology company that has a well-designed and well executed consumer social strategy. Our hope is that our social recruitment strategy will complement what we are already doing on our consumer side.”

We’re also a big fan of this engaging tweet, which prompted users to become followers of Domino’s LinkedIn page. The prize? Free, hot and delicious pizza to the 20,000th follower!

When asked to describe Domino’s employer brand in 140 characters or less, Stiteler was right on brand with her reply: “Domino’s is a reshaped, reenergized brand of honesty, transparency, accountability and the best team members in the world.”

Domino’s Pizza’s LinkedIn is branded as the best.
Following in the footsteps of Domino’s career site, the brand’s LinkedIn page is a wonderful mixed bag of everything from new job opportunities and Domino’s company news, to quirky pizza-related articles and pictures of current Domino’s employees mingling in their corporate headquarters. The social recruitment platform also features the same on-brand messaging that Domino’s career site and Twitter boasts: “To be the best pizza delivery company in the world.” According to Stiteler, LinkedIn is currently Domino’s most active social recruitment platform.


“Currently, we are having the most success with LinkedIn because we can most readily reach our target audience there, since we focus primarily on salaried recruitment right now,” she said. “We have about 20,000 followers we engage with on a near daily basis. We share many things on our corporate page: job postings, fun facts about our company and our history, photos of team members and events, articles, etc.”

Want to keep up with all of Domino’s Pizza’s smart and savvy social recruitment tactics? Check out and follow each of their social platforms below!

- Career site
- Twitter
- LinkedIn


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