Struggling To Get The Right Person On Board – Follow These Social Media Rules

By Michael Evans

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Since the job boards are dying a slow death and all the potential candidates are well aware of this fact, it is becoming all the more difficult for a company to get a qualified person on board. The days of job boards are numbered and they are now slowly giving way to social media. So, that being said, it is quite clear that if your company is planning to go on a recruiting drive, it needs to do something beyond the traditional activities. Yes, you need to start using social media for this. But there are some rules to be followed and here they are...


Follow These Social Media Rules



Social Media Is Not A Job Board: You need to understand that Facebook was not expressly formed to post your company’s job vacancies. If your company’s official page only contains vacancy details, it will appear dull and deadly boring. Nobody will show interest in your social media profile and ultimately all your efforts will come to naught. Instead you need to share some career and interview related tips and tricks, post some funny updates, share some great quality images and then your social profiles will draw the attention of potential candidates. The secret of success in social media circles is engagement and if you ignore this you are bound to fail.

Be Communicative: Conversation is like a stream and therefore you can never be sure where it is going to lead. But certainly you should not sit back and wait for things to happen when your purpose is to get in contact with qualified candidates. You need to join the twitter stream to answer questions and you'll start to find you end up with contact details of some really cool candidates.

Think About Your Target Audience: Social media is a vast field and therefore it is to be expected that your brand cannot be everywhere. So you need to figure out where you target audience are and then you need to be active in those same channels. If you feel that your target audience are spending more time on Pinterest than Facebook, you need to have a strong presence on that platform. Join those communities where your target candidates seem to be most active.

Do Not Lose Faith: Don't forget that social media as a recruitment tool is still in its infancy and that you can't expect to haul in the right candidate every time. You need to invest time not push candidates to hard. You have to bear with all types of candidates be they unresponsive, hyper active, meek or whatever else. You need to learn how to engage with the right people at the right time. As this field is still evolving, you have to wait patiently and when you see the opportunity, just pounce on it.

Educate Your Team: If you have a team working under you, you need to make sure that you are keeping them informed about the ways they should be promoting your company. Teach them how to be human while interacting with your target audience via the official profiles of your company. Make them aware of the downsides of being too aggressive or insincere in their approach. Keep in mind that in order to be consistent in your approach, you need to make sure that everyone in your team is following the same guidelines.

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