Sure-Fire Ways to Recruit Employees Using Instagram

By Cody Watson

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Instagram is a well-known photo sharing mobile app that is widely being used by brands and companies, mainly to increase their followers. It can also be incredibly beneficial if you are looking to recruit candidates, and more companies are starting to experiment with using it for this purpose. This has resulted in a number of companies offering support services to help brands build their follower numbers, liked Foxfans. In the ‘War for Talent’, companies are having to use more innovative ways to reach candidates, and they can’t afford to leave any opportunity unexplored. Social Hire

With Instagram having more than 300 million users worldwide, IT companies (and companies in other domains as well) have started exploring this non-recruiting site to hire candidates. In this article, we will explain how you can hire employees using Instagram.

Before we go further, let’s get one thing clear. Candidates do not post their resumes publically on Instagram. However, most of them upload their photos and include a URL to their portfolio where you can get more details about their profile. That’s one reason why Instagram is such a great platform to find candidates. It’s easy to find candidates from IT, BPO, web design, graphic design, photography and various other fields.

Recently, we have been reading and hearing a lot of success stories of people who got hired through Instagram. It just goes to show how beneficial this photo sharing mobile app has proved to be.

Tips to recruit candidates on Instagram

  1. Post pictures – One of the best ways to grab the attention of potential candidates is to post photos that are relevant to your industry or workplace. An even better choice is to share pictures that show interest and personalities related to your field. This way, you can increase your chances of getting noticed by people in your industry.
  2. Follow leaders in your industry – Follow profiles of the most popular individuals in your industry. This way, you will have more options to find potential candidates in your industry.
  3. Search by location – If you want to refine your searches, consider using online tools like Gramfeed to search for pictures, people, and places based on locations.
  4. Be active – It’s important that you are an active Instagramer. Post photos and videos of your company, run contests, make announcements, etc. This will help attract more people to your profile.
  5. Use hashtags – Whether you want to get your photos noticed or you want to search for photos in a particular field, hashtags are magical. Use relevant hashtags to find what you want in Instagram.

Here is an example of how you can find candidates using hashtags.

Let’s say you want to hire engineers. Now, type a hashtag/keyword like “Engineering” on the search menu. You will see not only the results for your keyword, but also closely relevant and recommended results that will give more options. In addition to recruiting, you can also use this simple technique to promote your brand to a large consumer base that will be interested in purchasing your products/services.

Final thoughts

To gain even more visibility, you can also link your Instagram profile to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This will help you establish your brand strongly on social media and gain lots of shares, likes, tweets, and comments for your updates.


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