Talenytics – Actionable Data To Finesse Your Hiring Process

By Tony Restell

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Talk to Recruitment Agency owners about the business challenges they face and in my experience two issues will come to the fore. No surprises that they both relate to the business having the right data to be able to streamline recruitment effectiveness.

Quite possibly you recognise one - or both - as challenges that your own recruitment business has struggled to address? In-house recruiters will no doubt also see these are issues that corporate recruiters struggle with too:

  • Getting comprehensive briefs from clients so that recruiters can deliver efficiently on requirements and not be derailed by having additional specs added to the brief as the assignment unfolds.
  • Having the data needed to assess how the business is performing – how individual recruiters are performing, the roles where the business risks not delivering for clients, tracking time to fill, source of hire, risk of candidate flight…

So I was intrigued to be granted early access to a new recruiting tool that would seem to address both these challenges head on. Talenytics plugs right into your existing recruiting processes and delivers a wealth of information for a recruitment business owner or in-house recruitment team such as:

  • Open, closed and cancelled roles
  • Tracking of candidate sources
  • Average time to fill roles
  • Average candidate fit
  • % of candidates accepted at each interview stage
  • Individual recruiter performance

Talenytics - Helping Recruiting Businesses To Prosper

What seems particularly valuable though is the process that recruiters adhere to as they start work on a new engagement. Working with Hiring Managers, key criteria for shortlist candidates are drawn up and agreed – together with any other aspects of delivery that the recruiter should prioritise.

The benefits here are multi-faceted. Firstly, there is far greater clarity from the outset regarding the key requirements that the recruiter must deliver on. Secondly, there is visibility at a business level as to which roles we are struggling to generate suitable candidates for – with individual recruiters also able to be assessed based on the average fit of the candidates they are putting forward. Thirdly, sources of candidates can be assessed in relation to the quality of fit shortlist candidates that they are producing.

Talenytics - Using Data To Recruit Effectively

Particularly intriguing for me is the element of predictive hiring analytics that Talenytics provides. As your company makes more hires that have been tracked by Talenytics, the insights from those campaigns and the input from hiring managers during those campaigns will be used to help predict important criteria (per client)  for future hires. So the next time hiring managers don't fully specify the "must-haves" for a role, Talenytics will alert you to other criteria you should also factor in so as to deliver candidates with the greatest probability of being hired. How's that for futuristic?!

With Talenytics now out of beta and available to the broader recruitment market, you’d be well advised to book in a demo via the site and see for yourself the impact this could have on your recruiting business or in-house recruiting team [Visit the site here].


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