Tell Your Story & Excel with Social Recruiting

By Cheryl Morgan

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Some recruiters use their social channels as a continuation of a job board. Big mistake. Today's candidates, particularly millennials, are devoted to social media. They lead interconnected lives with their friends, family and the brands they support. 

While you can (and should) post job openings, social networking provides you with valuable tools to not only reach candidates, but to engage them. You can't do that by sharing the same job listings that they can find anywhere else. Offer up valuable information. Tell a story that compels candidates to want to work for your company. Here's how to do it.


Showcase Your Employees

Employees are a company's primary brand ambassadors. According to a Jobvite study, 21 percent of job seekers found their favorite jobs through personal connections via online social networks. Who better to tell the story of your company culture than the people who already work there? Employee stories can be used anytime on social media, but they can be particularly effective when you want to highlight an open position. With a short video, you can quickly convey the company culture as well as the personalities of the group candidates will potentially be working with, allowing them to see right from the start if they'll fit in.


Picture It

Pictures are popular on social media because people are short on time, and images can convey lots of meaning in mere seconds. Don't be afraid to use images and graphics to help convey company values. Big brands make frequent use of images on networks like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, and they have great potential to go viral. 

Speaking of virality, videos have the best chance of becoming wildly popular. They don't have to be long. Networks such as Vine and Instagram allow 6- to 10-second clips, which are perfect for short messages. Longer videos (about the length of your average commercial) can also be useful to give candidates a behind-the-scenes look at how a particular department or role works within the company. Be funny, witty, or emotional - just don't be too self-promotional when it comes to videos.


Highlight Your Community Outreach Programs

Everyone wants to be a part of something greater. Millennial candidates are particularly passionate about environmental and social issues. A great way to draw them in on social media is by highlighting the work your organization does within the community. If they can see that you're doing good, they know that it's a company they can be proud to work for.


Be Truthful About Your Story

Don't try to alter a company's image to make it something that it's not. Employees can either attest to or discredit the image that a company portrays, so being dishonest is dangerous territory. If the company plans to make changes to appeal to new hires, those plans should first be communicated to employees. Generate employee excitement, and they'll be willing to spread the word for you.

Telling your story should be the primary goal of your social recruiting efforts. Forget about blatant advertising. Work to build connections and to encourage engagement. The more people know about your company, the better the candidate quality will be. And that's a happy ending for everyone.

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