Tips to Improve the Candidate Experience and Boost your Employer Brand

By Irina Nagy

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Developing a positive employer brand should be the main focus for every company that wants to significantly improve application rates and have a wide pool of talent to choose from. A clear and defined employer brand will make you stand out in the currently tight recruitment market and will encourage candidates to talk about your organisation in a positive way.

So don’t waste any valuable time, read the below tips and start building your employer brand today.

Always give feedback 

Getting back to everyone who applied for a vacancy can be time consuming. But whether a candidate has been successful or not, it’s extremely important to treat each and every one of your candidates as you would treat your valued clients and consider giving feedback as an essential part of the interviewing process. Recent research amongst 1600 job seekers in the UK found that 39% of them haven’t received any feedback regarding their application or interview. It’s important to see each aspect of the hiring process as an opportunity to build good interactions that will eventually project a positive company culture. Therefore, it’s always advisable to give honest and useful feedback to candidates. They will be grateful for the information and, most of them, will share their great experience with friends and family, on various social media channels or even on websites like Glassdoor.


Reduce lengthy application process

Everyone seems to be busy nowadays so, when it comes to applying for a job, candidates are very much interested in the amount of time they need to complete a job application. Many companies ask candidates to fill in lengthy application forms and signed declarations of some sort as well as to provide a CV, cover letter, references and sometimes even copies of academic qualifications. It may be easier and more convenient for you to have all information laid out in an identical way but it can be a bit of a struggle for candidates to fill in long applications especially when they have a full time job or when they are trying to apply via a mobile device. Recent studies have shown that more and more candidates are now searching for jobs via mobile devices and 78% of them would apply via mobile if it were more accessible. Having a simple and candidate friendly process will convert more people into potential applicants including great candidates you may have missed otherwise.


Use a recruitment agency

Finding the perfect candidates for your vacancies can take a great amount of effort. Partnering with a recruitment agency can help make the whole process a lot smoother and deflect any possible negativity towards your employer brand. A reputable agency which has a lot of expertise will quickly understand what you are looking for and will make sure all candidates are fully engaged throughout the entire recruitment process. It will act as an extension of your brand and will most likely help you shape the best possible impression in the eyes of a prospective employee.

At Investigo, we are love recruitment and treat all clients and candidates with fairness and integrity. Our aim is to develop a complete recruitment campaign in order to find the perfect match for each of our clients. Call us today on 020 7194 7850 if you are looking to fill a role in Accountancy & Finance, Change Management, Human Resources, Procurement, Property, Risk, SAPand Strategy or if you are looking to recruit in these areas.


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