Utilizing Social Media's Reach for Effective Recruitment

By Vinay Johar

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1 billion strong, Facebook is truly the number 1 social networking site in the world today. Virtually everyone who has access to the internet has at least one social media account. This includes professionals like you and me. In Facebook, we share a lot about our personal and professional lives, in order to expand our network and get connected in more ways than one. LinkedIn is also tailored just like Facebook, only that it is a network that is inclined towards career and profession. Together, both Facebook and LinkedIn provide users with their “identities” in the virtual world, identities that are sometimes more revealing than the information present in resumes.

                This goes without saying that companies can utilize this outstanding reach of social media! Companies make their presence felt in the virtual world by doing these things:

Marketing Online Becomes Automated: Marketing – not just the company's products and services – that is, broadcasting to the social media world a few career openings can be the best way to gather top talent. While job postings can be done in other sites, they can be shared via Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Twitter as well. It's instant, and very low in cost. Companies love this kind of reach.

Specialized Talent Hunt: Companies can post in professional groups formed in these social media sites. For instance, a leading pharmaceutical company frequently posts openings on a Facebook group for medical representatives. That's matching the right talent to the job openings.

Instantly Connect to Corporate Website: Links connecting users from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the best way to invite users to the companies' corporate website, where more details about the firms and the job openings are available.

                Hiring companies can look no farther than social media sites to extend their reach, with the hopes of finding the best qualified talent.

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