What Happens When Work is All Fun and Games [INFOGRAPHIC]


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With various research suggesting that significant numbers of people are considering moving jobs this year, or would be open to a new opportunity if the right one came along, it’s clear how important engaging your employees is. For the companies that are realising this, they’re experimenting with different ways to motivate and retain their staff, but what are the most successful ways to do this? This timely guest post from Heather Huhman looks at workplace gamification as an employee engagement tool.

Games can make any task more fun. At least, that’s many companies’ thoughts when implementing gamification in the workplace, to increase employee engagement. Employees think so too. Seventy percent of employees felt engagement software would help them perform better at work, and 80% said they would be more productive if their work were more game-like. But research suggests that might not be the case, if gamification is not used properly.

The infographic below -- compiled by Bonusly, a Web platform that helps companies reward and motivate employees by using peer-to-peer bonuses -- explains how, when used properly, workplace gamification can boost employee productivity and happiness.

Some stats to note:

  • 80% of gamified apps will fail to meet business objectives, primarily due to poor design.
  • In 8 of 9 tasks across 3 examined experiments, higher incentives led to worse performance
  • At the end of an 18-month period, participation rates at companies using gamification were 50% lower than companies using peer recognition.

Check out the full infographic below to learn how to use workplace gamification effectively. 

What do you think? What are some other ways workplaces can misuse gamification?


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