When Recruiting Goes Viral: How to Give Life to a Social Recruitment Strategy


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It’s a fact that social recruiting has outdone traditional recruiting methods in many ways. No longer are recruiters tied to their desks combing through endless resumes in search of the perfect candidate. Instead, we are on the go – finding candidates where they are hanging out discussing the issues that matter the most to them in their chosen careers.

Instead of merely sitting by the sidelines obscured in the under workings of organizations, recruiters have stepped into the limelight and are becoming thought leaders and the valuable business partners we deserve to be recognized as. We are coming into our own place in the markets we serve. We are the next business celebrities of sorts. 

Making this all possible, of course, is the viral nature of social networks and the way they connect people at lightening speeds. Social technology has done much for the professional recruiter. One minute we are creating attractive job advertisements and the next we are holding career events and building community groups to bring in the talent we seek.

Giving Your Social Recruitment Efforts a Fresh Breath of Air 

If you are trying to find your place as a social recruiter amongst all of this, then you must give your recruitment strategy a life all its own. This effort alone can automate and streamline routine recruitment processes, which opens up your time to focus on connecting with the right people. Here’s how to accomplish this.

Establish your core talent pipeline now.

The one thing that you can count on in recruiting is a powerful network of the best talent. Use this to sell yourself to potential clients and let it be known you represent the cream of the crop in candidates. This can breathe new life into your recruitment work because clients and candidates will clamber after you.

Build a sense of community with social groups.

Don’t go it alone with social networking. As a recruiter, you’ll get the most from connecting with others through niche career interest groups to create a sense of community with others. Build out groups of your own, or join the groups where talent is most likely to gather. Share new ideas, fun tidbits, and engage others through communication that can go viral in no time at all.

Get in with the best organizational leaders.

Your goal as a social recruiter is to pique the interest of others. This can happen if you are connected to industry subject matter experts and leaders of industry. It does pay in the end if you know the right people and you are in the best possible places at all times. Become part of the in-crowd by actively participating in sharing top information and resources with business leaders.

Upgrade the popularity of your job advertisements.

Gone are the days of boring job advertisements! Make yours go viral by including focused industry keywords, attention grabbing headlines, and interesting descriptions of the requirements. Include the key benefits and create a challenge for candidates who are ready to apply. Don’t forget to inject some professional humor into them so they get shared across many networks.

Use alternative media to get noticed out there.

In addition to having several popular social profiles set up, all branded well, take the time to expand your reach out into other forms of social networks. The most popular recruiters use powerful visual and audio communication methods. Try creating a video to introduce new job opportunities and profile your successful candidate placements with storylines set to imagery.

The above tips can help you to go viral as a social recruitment professional. Remember to use your creativity and come up with ways to be noticed that others have not thought of yet. Dare to be different! 

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