Why You Need to Rethink Your Training Program [INFOGRAPHIC]


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With employee retention being seen as one of the key challenges for many businesses this year, it’s no surprise that HR departments globally are focusing on ways to keep hold of their talented employees. Coupled with this is the growing trend for people to research what current and past employees are saying about a company when they’re considering applying for a role there so suddenly the way that you treat your staff takes on even more importance as it’ll affect who else wants to join you.

With this in mind I was interested to receive this guest post from Heather R. Huhman exploring the impact that training can have on employee satisfaction. Hope you find it a useful read.


Eight in 10 employees will leave an organization if they don’t receive the right training to perform their job effectively, according to 2014 IBM study. So, organizations fund elaborate formal training programs, spending too much money -- $164 billion in 2012, according to ATD -- on employee learning and development.

But that doesn’t produce the ROI like social learning. Knowing 80 percent of learning takes place through on-the-job interactions with peers, experts and managers, according to Bersin and Associates, managers should focus more on social learning initiatives.

The infographic below -- compiled by showd.me, an enterprise peer-to-peer learning platform -- shares new trends impacting learning and development.

Some stats to note:

  • 70% of people forget what they learn in formal training in just one week
  • 66% of people don’t see opportunities for professional growth in their organization
  • 76% of people say opportunities for growth was the top reason they stay in an organization
  • 86% of employees are learning what they need to know for work by collaborating with others

Check out the full infographic below to discover how social learning can make a positive impact within your organization. 

What do you think? How might social learning improve training at your organization? 


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