5 Digital Marketing Trends Small Businesses Should Adopt

By Alex Slichniy

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Regardless of the size of your business, digital marketing is essential if you want to achieve a strong online presence. However, small businesses are more likely to require additional exposure and often have a more difficult time reaching a wider audience than their larger counterparts. This is why it’s crucial for them to follow digital marketing trends and stay current.

It could be a daunting task for small and mid-sized businesses that lack the resources or expertise. However, startup founders and entrepreneurs should still strive to allocate a budget for it, especially if they’re planning on moving toward a customer-centric approach to business.

One of the main reasons why startups and small businesses fail is because of poor marketing. By keeping yourself informed about the latest business and digital marketing trends, you can increase your chances of success.


1. The Implementation of Artificial Intelligence

Integrating AI-based methods into digital marketing is becoming a popular trend. This allows businesses and marketers to collect and analyze customer information such as search patterns, purchase history, and links clicked, among others. 


As an entrepreneur, tapping into your target audience’s online behaviour and activities can help you come up with the perfect solution for your customers.


2. Personalization

A data report by Infosys showed that nearly 60% of consumers who experienced personalization believe that it affected their purchasing decisions, while 80% noted that they dislike generic advertising.


Evidently, the demand for individualized consumer experience continues to grow, and this is where personalization comes in handy. This innovative tactic of targeting consumers individually based on their preferences can increase leads and conversions, helping your small business in the long run.


3. Long-Term Partnerships with Influencers

Influencer marketing is growing as an industry, and understandably so. Marketers see it as an effective strategy in expanding reach and enhancing brand reputation. 


What’s more, establishing a long-term, collaborative partnership with an influencer can result in a win-win outcome, with both the business and the influencer experiencing a boost in engagement and trustworthiness factor.


4. Quality Video Content

Video has improved the conversion rates of many businesses. The best way to benefit from this widely popular trend is by producing content that is both engaging and relevant to your target demographic.


For instance, take advantage of the hype surrounding social media stories. Instagram and Snapchat both have this feature, and by incorporating it into your campaign, you’ll be able to tap into the younger audience who flocks to these platforms. For B2B startups, posting informative videos on LinkedIn or live streaming on Facebook may offer more suitable ways to drive quality engagement and expand your professional network.


5. Mobile Optimization

Put simply, visitors to your business’s website should be able to navigate it seamlessly using their mobile phones. Having a mobile-optimized site creates a better user browsing experience while allowing you to target the growing share of mobile users and potentially increase leads and sales conversions.


Final Notes

Entrepreneurs and small business owners sometimes mistakenly believe that digital marketing efforts require substantial funds, but with the palette of affordable tools and resources available today, this couldn’t be further from the truth. To obtain satisfactory marketing results, be sure to keep tabs on the latest trends and apply them accordingly to your current campaign.


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