5 Freelance Video Editor Tools to Level Up Your Productivity Skills and Grow Your Business

By Ryan Fick

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More and more people from every aspect of the workforce are moving into freelancing in an attempt to get the best work-life balance possible.

In fact, there are reportedly around 44 million self-employed individuals in the United States as of 2019. Freelancers contributed a significant amount to the economy during the pandemic (nearly $1.2 trillion). 

So it’s safe to say that not only is it a viable career option, but it’s also an increasingly competitive one.

Luckily, the growth of video marketing is more than matching that growth.


A report from Wyzowl reported that 92% of marketers say video is an important part of their marketing strategy.  Additionally, more than 80% of traffic online is said to be video traffic.

Videos can help increase businesses' web traffic and lead conversions and help users better understand products, messages, and services.

Because there’s such a big market for it, it’s important to ensure your videos are the complete package as a freelancer. Unfortunately, creating and editing videos can be expensive and time-consuming. Especially if it’s your video that flops.

Luckily, using the right tools ensures your videos are as impactful and engaging as you imagine. As a freelancer, producing consistent, quality work can help ensure you’re as productive as possible while also growing your business.

5 Freelance Video Editor Tools to Level Up Your Productivity Skills and Grow Your Business

As a freelancer, your reputation is your business. It’s important always to put your best foot forward. Doing so means using the right software for the job, so you can be as productive as possible for your content to shine. 

Using any of the tools listed below will allow you to do that.


1. Amberscript to create subtitles, captions, and transcriptions

Providing accurate subtitles, captions and transcriptions are some of the most subtle but effective ways of getting the most out of your videos. 

Cue Amberscript.


Amberscript is a powerful tool that can then be used to provide quality subtitles, transcriptions and captions. They even offer a free tool to convert your audio to text. Quick, reliable, and accurate, if you want your videos to perform well, Amberscript is a must.

That’s because subtitles and closed captions can help the performance of your video and increase its reach in a variety of ways. 

Whether it’s movies, TV shows, or Youtube videos, most viewers watch their videos with subtitles on. Subtitles have been shown to have a direct impact on a viewer's ability to understand the content they’re watching and improve long-term retention of what they’ve watched.


Subtitles are also specifically useful for the hard of hearing and non-native speakers. That’s a major demographic you can appeal to just by having accurate subtitles. Accessibility is increasingly important and subtitles can have a significant impact on the accessibility of your videos. 


Additionally, subtitles and captions can play a major role in whether or not Google or YouTube's algorithm displays it. That’s because, obvious as it sounds, the bots an algorithm uses can’t watch your videos. They use your subtitle or transcription file to determine the relevance of your video. In terms of video SEO, transcriptions are vital.

Any marketer worth their salt will know that if you want your business to grow, it’s important to have videos that entertain, engage, and inform your viewers. Subtitles are vital to doing just that.


2. Magisto for helpful AI assistance

Magisto is an incredibly helpful video editor that really simplifies the editing process and makes it easier to create quality content on the go.



Effective, easy to use, and perfect for creating great videos that its smart AI editing assistant can help edit and even distribute. Specifically designed to complement videos made for social media, Magisto is the perfect modern-day tool for a business looking to film, post and upload without sifting through footage for hours.

In addition to helping you create quality videos, Magisto is an incredibly intelligent AI that even allows for cross-channel video hosting while also offering in-depth analytics. That way, instead of relying on another platform or tool to integrate, you can just use Magisto to look at the performance of our video on social media.

With various features, from a mood-detecting starting point that the AI uses to offer suggestions and several templates, licensed music, and stock photos from Getty Images to integrate (with the paid plans), Magisto is the definition of bang for your buck. 

Having videos geared towards social media while maintaining authenticity can be a great help when it comes to growing your business.


3. Clipchamp Create for budget beginners

If you’re a freelancer at the beginning of your career, you must be as effective as possible at the lowest cost possible. You’re not made of money, after all. 

At least not yet.

That’s why you should consider using tools that offer comprehensive and quality use without breaking the bank.

Clipchamp Create is definitely at the top of that list, as far as free online editing tools go.


What’s great about Clipchamp is its steps to ensure privacy protection and speed up the upload process. One way it does so is by processing video files locally; inside your browser, you no longer have to upload files for processing.

With a free plan that allows you to create unlimited video content, access to various editing tools, and export videos in 480p (perfect for a modern business looking to put out content on social media), it’s a worthwhile option. 

Especially if you’re just starting. 


4. Tubebuddy for your optimization needs

When it comes to a modern tool for your digital business, it’s always a bonus when you’ve got a tool that can complement the platforms your content will be seen on.

Tubebuddy is precisely that.


Tubebuddy is an excellent tool for getting the most out of your video when it comes to helping you with your SEO and succeeding with Youtube thanks to its ability to integrate with Youtube.

With various features aimed at not just the editing part of video editing, Tubebuddy is an incredibly holistic tool to improve your overall productivity as a brand.  

The list of features includes everything from post-scheduling, A/B testing, keyword research, and social media monitoring. It can even help you with your competitor analysis so you know what your videos are up against and what you can do better.

Add to that, the great customer support available means you’re pretty well set up for success. Available on just about every device and browser, Tubebuddy is the perfect option for freelancers looking to grow their businesses.


5. Agorapulse for leveraging the power of social media

Social media is an increasingly important component of any business. In today's increasingly digitally oriented world, if you don’t consider social media, you’re putting your business at a disadvantage.

According to Statista, by 2027, there will be almost 6 billion social media users. That’s more than half of the entire population.

The people at Agorapulse are distinctly aware of this, having designed a tool that’s not just a video editing tool but a tool that edits with social media in mind. You may even go so far as to say that it’s a social media management tool capable of editing video rather than the other way around.


That’s got a lot to do with how powerful Agorapulse can be. With features ranging from Hashtag discovery,  content scheduling, topic recommendations, and comment management, it’s not hard to see why it can be thought of as more of a management tool.

Regardless, if you’re planning on posting on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, you’ll find Agorapulse an easy-to-use, effective tool that can up your productivity by more than you’d imagined. Given the rapid growth of TikTok, if you're wondering how to grow on TikTok, this article over at UNUM.com may shed more insights.

When it comes to growing your business, opening yourself up to any and every avenue possible is important. Failing to do so could see you left behind by other freelancers who are more up for the challenge.

Final Thoughts

The world of Freelancing can be a tough and competitive one. 

Every day, you’re going to be competing with people who may have more knowledge, better equipment, or more financial backing than you.

That’s why it’s essential to give yourself every opportunity to succeed. Especially when it comes to ensuring you use every tool at your disposal to combine with the ideas or concepts that are uniquely you.

By merging all of this, you can ensure that your business continues to grow and thrive, no matter what the competition is doing.

About the author:

Ryan Fick is a Cape Town-based, internationally raised, opinionated writer who is passionate about politics, social justice and a firm believer in the link between "Amandla" and "Awethu." With a background in Journalism, Travel, and all-round Content Writing - as well as a burgeoning interest in all things SEO - he is a perpetual knowledge seeker who knows enough to know he doesn’t know it all.






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