5 Ways How Content Marketing Drives Results for Small Businesses

By Crystal Simmons

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Owning a business in the age of technology has become a bit tricky. Gone are the days of simply creating ads, though they still have their place.

In 2016, the most reliable form of advertising is created through content marketing: a means to share the authentic story of your business and provide reference to your knowledge of the industry.

Most small business do not have the luxury of large budgets and marketing branches. But just like corporate industries, small businesses can take advantage of content marketing, too. Content marketing has been known to boost brand awareness and skyrocket sales for the savvy small businesswoman or businessman.

Content marketing comes in many forms: ebooks, videos, images, testimonials, and most commonly, blogposts. You view some form of content marketing each and every day, whether you are watching a funny cat video or reading an informational article on how to fix your water heater. This content is meant to grab your attention and turn your virtual eyes to the source of your entertainment or knowledge gleaning.

This form of online marketing will allow your company to remain current and knowledgeable, providing readers with the answer to their search engine queries, and in turn generating views and revenue for your company.

Here are several ways content marketing can truly boost your small business:

1. Identity

Through content marketing, you are able to create a story; the narrative of your business. In our consumerist society, buyers are tired of having sales pitches thrown at them from every angle. This often creates a tone of inauthenticity and can create disenchantment with a potential customer.

Today’s online consumer is looking for something raw and purely authentic. Through content marketing, you can create a narrative that allows your reader to not only obtain relevant information, but presents your company as the authority on the subject.

For example, let’s say that you run a lawn service company and you write a blog post on the best sod and soil choices available. Not only will your reader find what they are looking for, they will be able to reference your site in the future, knowing that you will have the information they need.

Remaining consistent and applicable in posting, your viewers will glean a better understanding of your brand’s goals and purpose.

2. Consistency

As mentioned above, as you build your online identity, you will want to generate as much content as possible. The more content you have, the more viewers you will have. This is the unique ability of content marketing: you are able to generate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content within your blog posting. This allows search engines to locate your website. Generate more content, the more often search engines will reference your websites to searching customers.

For more information on how to create an SEO blog post, review this website.

3. Traffic

As you remain consistent in posting, your hard work will see the fruits of labor through more and more online traffic. Traffic will help determine your audience, bringing viewers from all different spectrums. This in turn will allow you to create more relevant and timely content for your readers. And as you gain more viewers, this leads to repeat viewers, which establishes a community.

If you are having a difficulty generating traffic, Forbes has created an excellent list to assist in your traffic woes.

4. Community

Traffic on your website is great. However, maintaining it, in particular, repeat traffic, is essential in establishing a community. If your content readily answers questions and provides knowledge, depending on your audience’s needs and interests, your business will begin to grow a community of “followers.”

A “follower” is someone who will return to your website or social media because they trust that you will provide necessary information that will add to their quality of life. These particular viewers are your future customers.

5. Leads

As your content attracts a community, leads will develop. Leads are the views produced from your target audience: the viewers who will not only read your content, but also purchase your product or service. Success story after success story revolves around a business’ move to create more content, resulting in more leads, turning their small business into a lifetime investment of success.

To find out how to how to make a blog post that will generate more leads for your business visit this blog post.

If you prioritize your advertising to content marketing, the odds of success are in your favour.

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