6 Biggest Ways Social Media Impacts a Business

By Eileen O'Shanassy

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The number of companies using social media to increase their revenue growth is on a steady rise. Corporations and small businesses use this tool in different ways to achieve this business objective. There are lots of economic benefits of effective social media use, and that is responsible for its current unprecedented popularity in the business world. Find here six ways social media can help to improve the productivity of your business.

Provides Great Ways to Screen Candidates

The competence of the people you hire determines your company’s ability to achieve its business goals. Since the traditional methods of recruiting workers are often costly and time-consuming, many recruiters are turning to social media. In the past years, the relationship between the employer and candidate was shrouded with informality, but social media has now changed all that. It has made communication and access to valuable information easy. The recruiter-candidate relationship is now more transparent and conversational.

Are you looking for the best candidates to fill some vacancies in your company and think you have no reliable solution? Think again. At least 70 percent of employees use social media to screen their candidates. Carefully examine your candidate’s social media profiles before hiring them. This way, you will get the right candidates without spending lots of your limited business resources.

Strengthens Brand Image

If you use social media regularly to connect with your audience over the Internet, they will get familiar with your brand and begin to interact with it at a personal level. A recent study suggests that 66 percent of companies are using Twitter to promote their brands and products. Besides, 54 percent are on Facebook, and the rest use YouTube for the same reason. This shows that any business that wants to remain competitive for a long time must turn to social media. As a business owner, therefore, you need to create a strong social media presence by posting quality content consistently on the leading channels to develop a stronger brand image.

Supports Charity Programs

Experienced businesses owners understand the value of aligning themselves with charities, and they have done this for several decades. The emergence of social media makes life much easier for companies that want to continue giving back to the community. They use the channels to partner with various charity causes. Use social media to enable people to know what you are doing. As your business continues to give back and social media gives you more exposure, your business will also register a substantial increase in customer flow.

Provides Online Reviews

The power of online reviews is strong enough to keep your business profitable for a long time. Customer reviews are a form of free advertisement. People who see them will get a sense of what your business does. Consequently, this will help you to get the much-needed exposure and reach out to a wider audience. Furthermore, these reviews can influence search engines. When your customers mention you lots of time, you feature in the top search results. At the same time, social media will grant you lots of opportunities to get constructive criticism and suggestions. Some users will raise concerns regarding your products or suggest improvements. This will grant you the chance to listen to them and resolve the problem or improve your products. As such, create a strong social media presence to be able to have access to a wide variety of information that is vital for your success.

Ensures Increased Lead Generation

The actual goal of digital marketing is to drive the flow of customers. Social media is a great tool for increasing web traffic, which you can convert into qualified leads and then paying customers. Create a well-designed landing page and then give them the right information. The conversion process is often not easy, but social media gives you a greater chance to achieve your goals. Have a strong presence on the channel that a significant number of your intended audience use and see your leads increase.

Improves Relationships

Social media is about connections. If it can help you with nothing else, then you can use it to build viable relationships. You can keep in touch with your audience and learn from each other. Sometimes, go to social media with nothing to market. People want to see that you value them as they are. In other words, for you to achieve your digital marketing milestones, give as you take. This way, you will win the heart of lots of social media users and make them your brand ambassadors.


Social media can benefit your business in many ways. All you need today is to invest more of your resources on social media. As you do this, don’t forget to use the right strategies and build great relationships as well. After a short while, you will begin to see an increase in the traffic and your business’ exposure.


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