By Eliza Brooks

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Using social media as part of your marketing strategy to boost sales isn't something new. It has existed since social networking sites have existed. The manner in which strategies are created and implemented, however, has changed. Here are some tips for you to increase revenue using social media.


Having popular and A-list celebrities promote your products is both an expensive and old-fashioned way to sell. There is a marked rise in popularity in using micro-influencers. These social media influencers with followers count less than 50,000. These personalities usually have a very loyal following since they usually focus on a particular niche. It is, therefore, very important that you connect with the right influencers who also share your message and vision. It's not enough that you choose an influencer based solely on their followers count, comments, or likes. The right type of influencer should share your brand's values since this resonates with potential customers.


In creating a picture of your ideal customer, you must also consider which social platforms they are using. Facebook accounts for most users across all types of platforms. However, a majority of Instagram users report that they discover new brands, products, and services through the platform.

In Twitter, B2B businesses have more success on the site, being able to use the platform for many of their marketing strategies. Around 77% of Twitter users have a very positive perception of businesses who reply to tweets which means engagement is very important. YouTube is another popular platform for younger people.


You don't necessarily have to rely only on influences if you want real people to promote your products and services. Your existing customers can be effective, if not more effective, brand advocates if you attract them enough to promote your products and services in exchange for discounts and freebies. Doing hashtag and keyword research that's related to your brand name on social media platforms will help you to discover people who are actively posting content related to your brand.


The first line of defense for any effective customer service should be chatbots. Although there's no replacing human interaction, advances in AI technology mean a computer can do some of the heavy lifting. Chatbots can be used to engage directly or even proactively interact with potential clients on social media. They can work in tandem with humans who work in shifts. AI has no problem working 24/7 in addressing issues, responding to inquiries on social media, and reaching out to customers on social media platforms to increase interactions. Chatbots can be used to streamline the social media process of the business and help to convert inquiries into revenues.


There are a lot of untapped opportunities within social media for participating in customer conversations. However, the constant rush might make it difficult to identify the relevant information. Brand listening is the act of getting valuable insights through observation, compiling, and analyzing the conversations surrounding your brand, competitors, and the industry in general.

Monitoring what your online audience is talking about can help you get out of certain tricky situations, generate new leads, reward brand advocates, discover new marketing techniques, and gauge motivations. In addition, the companies that actively track their competition can quickly swoop in and help dissatisfied customers.


Social media goes hand in hand with visual content. There's hardly any social media marketing agency that doesn't recommend social networking sites that support visuals, whether pictures, infographics, or videos. But as users become more discerning with the visuals that they consume, generic stock images are quickly becoming irrelevant.

Creating images that are social media-friendly, means relying on services that have a vast library of images that are royalty-free that you can use on your posts. These are great for product pictures.


In order to gain a large social media following for your brand, it needs to be worth following. Consider offering discounts or contests that are only available to your social media followers. Give customers content that is both informative and fits the tone and messaging of the platform. You also need to stay updated with the new and latest development within your industry. Make sure your social media profile balances between product information and information that customers find valuable.


Eliza Brooks is a passionate blogger and frequent traveler who loves to write about digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and more. She is currently working with Arcane Marketing, the leading digital marketing agency serving in and around Idaho.


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