9 Ways to increase conversions using social media

By Nate Vickery

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How to increase conversion rates with social media

Social networks are among the most powerful tools for boosting conversions. That’s why you need to have a carefully planned and executed strategy for your social media marketing. But, what’s also crucial is to use social media analytics to assess how your posts are performing. Otherwise, all your efforts are just a shot in the dark. However, one thing has to be cleared out. Namely, social media is amazing when we’re talking about building brand awareness and expanding reach, so without any doubt it can immensely contribute to your business. On the other hand it can be tricky, but not impossible, to track your social media ROI and establish exactly how much revenue you generate from it. But, first things first, you should start by determining what channels best fit your type of business.

Let’s Face It

The number of conversions depends on the channel you choose. The trick is to opt for the most suitable platform for your business. First, you need to target the right audience and see what social network they mainly use.


With this social network, you can play it safe as you can reach the widest audience. It’s suitable for almost any kind of business. It’s good to know that Facebook has 1.79 billion monthly active users. This gives you a wide range of possibilities to expand your audience and promote your brand.


This network is used by professionals and business people to connect and share information relevant for their industry. Here are some stats about this social media channel: it has almost 150 million users worldwide and it’s interesting that 39% of LinkedIn users earn more than $ 100, 000 a year. It’s great to have such an affluent audience.


This powerful electronic WOM platform is used both by large and small businesses from entertainment, technology, retail and similar industries that frequently have some news to share. Twitter offers a dynamic and concise method of giving your audience regular updates.


Typical target audience of Pinterest are mainly women aged 24-54. This makes it an excellent channel for DIY, beauty, fashion or handicraft business. Although it has significantly less active users than Facebook, Pinterest users are more willing to spend an average amount of $50 per order, which is more than on any other social networking website.


This visually-oriented social media platform has more than 500 million users per month and various industries specializing in fashion, beauty, food & beverages, home décor or travel can find it instrumental in expanding their reach. Online travel websites can really take advantage of Instagram and not only increase conversions but skyrocket them by employing the right strategy.

Tips & Tricks

1. Use high conversion keywords. For each social media platform there are specific keywords that can improve conversion rates:

  • Facebook – inspire, where, when, tell us
  • Twitter – ReTweet, Follow, Check out
  • LinkedIn – promoted, increased, developed

Research these and benefit from this simple method.

2. Visual content is an absolute must. This is of paramount importance if you want to attract audience. Try to regularly use videos, images, GIFs, memes or infographics. Neil Patel says that the results of his research on the best types of social media content showed that infographics are the most shared type of content, and that they are tremendously effective for Pinterest.

3. Enable social login. Many potential clients are discouraged when they have to go through a complicated signup procedure. By allowing them to sign up with their already existing social media account you’ll make things easier, and this method has an impressive track record in increasing conversion rates.

4. Increase your posting frequency. This technique surely leads to organic growth, but it’s good to know when it’s the best time to post something. You also have to be careful not to exaggerate. When it comes to Facebook, recommended frequency is one post per day between 1:00 and 4:00pm. LinkedIn doesn’t need more than one post a day between 10:00 and 11:00am. Twitter requires about 15 tweets on a daily basis at regular intervals from 2:00am to 10:00pm. The optimal number of pins for Pinterest is eleven between 2:00am and 11:00pm. As for Instagram, post 1-2 photos a day, with the first being between 8:00 and 9:00am and the second at 2:00pm.

5. Make sure to provide intriguing and interesting content which can be shared.

6. Keep your posts short and concise.

7. Conducting polls is recommendable because that’s how your audience will have their say about your products and services. You can learn a lot about their attitudes towards your brand, and you’ll show that you care about what they think.

8. Always respond quickly and don’t keep your audience waiting.

9. Show social involvement by taking a stand. Address some burning issues by supporting those in trouble. It’ll help your brand gain recognition and make your business socially responsible.  

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