Here Is How to Create A Positive Corporate Culture and Why It Matters

By Katherine Williams

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Successful companies give high importance to creating a positive work culture. The modern-day business strategies give high emphasis to inclusive and optimistic company culture as they see it as a key component of productivity increase.  

Impact of Positive Corporate Culture

Companies with an exceptional culture are able to recruit top talents easily. The talent and leaders they foster inside the company will not leave them for another place keeping the attrition in check. Besides, employees work with increased productivity which results in better sales and profits for the company.

A positive work culture allows the employees to be innovative and come up with creative solutions to tackle competition and other issues. Future leaders are developed and honed in companies with good work ethics and an inclusive culture.

What Happens in a Negative Work Culture?

Employees can’t be giving 100% effort to their work if they feel psychologically threatened, discriminated against or simply feel left out. Negative emotions will reflect in their productivity in a very short time. They start acting against the company objectives and against the leader or colleague who caused them trouble.

They get fed up gradually and walk out ultimately leading to attrition and talent loss in the long run. Management experts say nearly 70% of the global corporate workforce is "actively disengaged" from their work. It causes billions of dollars of loss every year for companies around the world.

How to Create A Positive Corporate Culture?

Value Employees: it is important to create an environment where the employees feel valued and appreciated. Steps like compliments and feedback, special bonuses, star of the month or employee of the week recognition go a long way in motivating employees to work better.

Avoid Isolation: encouraging the employees to mingle with each other instead of isolating themselves goes a long way in making the office a desirable place to go to. Cultural events, team outings and opportunities for various departments to mingle together are a must to make the employees feel connected.

Increase Contribution: 90% of employees stick to just what they are doing because they don't believe they can make a valuable contribution to the team or the company. Encouraging them and making them believe their opinion matters too and their contribution is as important as the top players’ one is crucial to create a positive work culture.

Activities like role swap, idea hours in the company, lunch with the team leader or manager help employees to open up. It kindles them to contribute more and strive to be like the person they admire most in the company.

Get to know each other: organize informal gatherings which have nothing to do with work. Getting to know people you work with will help understand their character and values better, which will also affect the workflow positively. Set celebrations like birthday parties or holidays. Use Nuwber to find out when your colleagues’ or employees’ birthdays are and create a calendar. Nuwber can also help to find more information about a person’s interests or family to find topics to discuss and common hobbies.

Encourage Growth: a positive corporate culture can be created if the employees are guided in the right way to grow consistently. Companies follow the following ways to ensure continuous personal and professional growth for their employees.

  • Training the employees effectively on a regular basis. Company’s paying for courses connected with a profession will give extra motivation for workers to continue their professional development. Having workshops in the office will teach employees to collaborate and work as a team, discuss different matters and study different perspectives. 
  • Making the employees follow what they learned in the training by setting measurable goals for them to achieve and implement in the workspace.  For example, an employee who attended a time management workshop is expected to finish their job consistently before others at least for a couple of days in the week.
  • Setting teams to monitor, help and appreciate the growth goals achieved by the employees. This action forces the employees to implement what they learned to reach new heights, support and give feedback to each other.

What Hinders Positive Culture?

Emphasis on hierarchy and strict rules nip innovation in the bud. High pressure on the employees to perform with high speed leaving little time for them to mingle with others or think creatively for a solution damages their productivity as well.

Questionable company politics, bullying, and showing preference to a particular sector of gender, race or people with certain educational backgrounds affect the culture negatively. The management should be fair to treat all of its employees alike and take steps to solve their real problems. Even common workers should be able to approach the leaders in case of issues and the leaders should have good control over their team to avoid any scandals.

Maintaining a positive culture within the team or the company is easy if the leaders believe and act according to what they preach. Leaders should set a common vision or goal for their staff and communicate it in the newsletters, emails, meetings and every other place possible. It will keep the employees focused on the more important goals to achieve rather than spend their time creating petty issues for others. 

Expert Tips to Foster Positive Work Culture

The leaders should discuss work decisions with their colleagues and let them come up with solutions instead of trying to do everything on their own. Management experts often point out that even employees with decades of experience do not come up with a solution on their own. 

The younger generation hates such a mentality and new start-ups often give enough place for even interns to voice their concerns and ideas. The ample growth of the new generation of corporate offices now forces even age-old organizations to invest in people and improve work culture.

Experts recommend having a problem resolution committee in every office. The employees should feel safe to voice their concerns, the HR, managers and the immediate leaders should take action to address their concerns. Making the employees feel neglected and walking out as the only solution to their problem will never help.


A positive corporate culture is a great way to make a company shine and influence the life of every worker, motivating them towards improvement. Optimistic organizational culture is a great way to retain talent, attract new talent and increase the productivity of the existing workers. There are several ways to improve organizational culture and following the expert tips to do the same will enable every company to soar in profits.





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