How Can Content Marketing Boost Your Startup Launch

By Nate Vickery

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The  starting phase of your startup is the most important. Right away you need to distinguish yourself from the competitors and to start claiming your part of the market share. This is also the time when consumers learn about your company and what it stands for. Obviously content marketing can help with all of this.

It’s important to think of content marketing as more than just a buzzword and to start using it as an important tool that boost your startup right away.

Content marketing sets the tone

Content marketing can be a driving force behind all other forms of advertizing your company uses. Social media can be fed with the content from your blog – the content you create can lead the readers to your mailing list. Obviously, your SEO strategy largely depends on what kind of content you produce. People who are influential in your industry can help you boost awareness of your work – invite them to create a guest blog post and you can do the same for them. Basically, your whole campaign can revolve around the content your marketing team creates.

Use it as a tool

Content can have a use beyond promotion. It can be used to solve concrete problems or issues your customers face. Using it in this way can save a lot of time and money you would otherwise spend dealing with the customer support. For instance, you can post a guide, tutorials and how-tos about your product. Display your products in a gallery – don’t be shy about showing your work off.  Also there’s nothing wrong with going behind the scenes and posting references proving the quality of your work.  

Expand your reach

Well, this is a kind of the original purpose of content marketing and it’s especially important when your business is starting. Content you create should be useful, engaging and unique, but most of all, it should be shareable. This is a complicated process- it should be repetitive, but not annoying. It is about storytelling, but it is purpose driven as well. It should be about a larger goal (creating a recognizable brand for your company), but every post should be self-contained.  That’s why choosing a content marketing agency should be one of the obligations you take very seriously.


Diversifying your content right away means presenting your business to a diverse demographic right away. When it comes to media consumption, age, occupation and personal habits of a consumer play a very important role. Leaving some media behind, therefore, means leaving certain demographic behind as well. Blog posts aren’t enough – you should also work on your e-mails, videos and podcasts from the start. Also, don’t underestimate more “traditional” marketing tools such as display ads or pay per clicks.

Promote more (at least at first)

Don’t be afraid of oversharing. You want to spread the word about your work, so use content marketing to do it. Consistency is the key; create a schedule of postings and stick to it no matter what. Create a checklist of all the media formats you want to cover and share your content on each of them. Also, keep track of your results – this means how well the content traveled (how many likes, shares and retweets it got). It’s important to take note of how your visits convert to sales. It isn’t for content to be seen, it should bring people to your business.

Content marketing should be the most important growth tool for your startup. Content is relatively inexpensive form of marketing, but it’s proven to be most efficient in creating communities not just brands.

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