How Future-Oriented Companies Can Hire for Tomorrow

By Joshua Heim

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For many companies, focusing on the here and now is enough. After all, addressing the immediate needs of a company can help to solve the most pressing issues facing it, especially when it comes to hiring new talent.

However, in the long run, companies that engage in this manner of hiring are being short-sighted. Companies should always be looking forward in an effort to properly strategize for future success, not just reacting to issues as they arise. Hiring talent that can not only succeed in the world of business today, but who can also help a company forge a path into the future, is one of the best moves any organization can make.

Hire Candidates Fluent in Today’s Skills

One of the most important aspects of any new hiring endeavor is to rigorously assess any given applicant’s skills. This is important because a company needs to know that their new hire can walk the proverbial walk instead of simply trusting what they’ve included in their curriculum vitae.

Additionally, when it’s clear what a potential hire is and isn’t capable of, the company can decide how much time and money they want to invest in training said new hire. An added benefit to hiring individuals well versed in current job skills is that when the time comes for them to step up and learn new, cutting edge skills, they will already have a solid base from which to work.

Any potential hires that a company makes should have a good foundational knowledge of data skills, as these types of skills will only become more important as data continues to influence the business world. Applicants should be well versed in the use of the big-data tools that are becoming ubiquitous in business, know how to synthesize the insights they glean from those tools for management, and ultimately be able to make recommendations based on that information.

While relying on social media to round up potential hires for your business is a great method of developing a solid candidate pool, knowing what they are capable of is essential before making final decisions. Ensuring that candidates are fluent in the skills required in the modern business world isn’t just doing due diligence, it sets a company up for success down the road.

Look For Potential Hires Who Can Adapt

Hiring for the future means searching for candidates in a strategic, meaningful manner that is aligned with a company’s current and future goals. Simply hiring any one individual who is capable of filling a current necessary role is antithetical to maintaining a future-oriented approach to hiring. Making sure that potential hires exemplify what a company currently needs and also have the ability to change and grow within that company is a must.

The best future employees will be able to comfortably adapt to a changing business world. When automation comes into play, these employees will be able to not only survive but thrive, and if a job transitions into a role that requires remote work, these employees have no issue adapting to changing demands. The workplace of the future will be filled with an ever-changing array of technologies, and potential hires need to be able to function within that changing landscape.

Ideally, any potential employee will be capable of adapting to a technologically evolving workplace and be instrumental in that evolution. A great employee will be able to make suggestions that drive a company into the future, whether it be switching from in house servers to cloud storage for data solutions or completely scanning in all documentation in order to become completely digital. Ultimately a good hire for the future will not only embrace change but enact it in a way that benefits the company as a whole.

Analytics Can Help

Finding these employees doesn’t have to be a real struggle for the companies that wish to seek them out. In fact, the technology that exists today can help any business find what may be the perfect potential hire. Companies can implement business analytics in nearly every aspect of their organization, including the hiring process.

There are mountains of data available to businesses when it comes to the hiring process, and one of the most viable and available sources of data pertinent to potential candidates comes from social media platforms. Data analytics can be used to screen prospective hires to quickly determine whether or not they embody a company’s stated goals and ethos, and can easily identify any problematic issues that might exist.

Ultimately, using big data and data analytics to filter hiring candidates through both positive and negative parameters is becoming standard practice. It is just one of many ways to ensure that a business’s quality of hire is excellent and that they don’t have to worry about any of the hiring challenges that exist when not utilizing big data and analytics.

Hiring for the future doesn’t have to be a pain. As long as a company is aware of where they want to steer the ship that is their business in the years to come, finding candidates that align with that ideology and can help to make it happen can be easy. Using data analytics, ensuring that prospective hires are both capable of tasks that exist today and may exist tomorrow are excellent ways to pinpoint the perfect hire.

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