How Manchester-based SEO Marketing Agency Embryo Digital Uses Social Media

By Charlie Meyler

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Social media is the lifeblood of a range of small businesses and professional individuals. From business coaches to tech companies to mortgage brokers. No matter what industry you’re in you’ll use social media in some capacity. The team at Manchester-based SEO agency Embryo Digital is constantly trying to find new and innovative ways of growing our social media presence. In the years that we have been operating as an agency, we have found plenty of success through these channels, be they InstagramLinkedin or Twitter. So, in today's blog, we thought we’d share with you a few things that we have found to be effective methods of developing a strong social media presence.

How Manchester-based Embryo Digital Use Social Media

Get Colleagues To Engage With Everything!

This is one of the simplest ways to grow engagement. Once a blog goes live or someone from the team posts a piece of content we flock to that post to react to it (like, clap, celebrate, etc) and offer our thoughts and insights through the comments section. We’ve found this to be a very effective way of getting conversations going with people outside of the business. In addition, it shows that there is a willingness on our part, as a business, to be involved in topics and discussions. 

Put Out Content Every Single Day

Each member of the team here at Embryo is tasked to write a blog a month about a topic that interests them. It could be about anything, from a blog about some of your favourite books to read during lockdown to more industry-specific ones like how AI is changing email marketing. By getting everyone involved we usually get to publish a blog a day and then promote these on social media. It allows us to show off our brands personality, sense of fun and knowledge about industry topics.

Guest Blog

Like this guest blog on Social Hire’s website. We love guest blogging on people’s blog pages, it’s a great way of collaborating with other experts and sharing different perspectives. Once written, we’ll go ahead and promote it on social media, as will they. Building these links on social media and promoting it allows us to be seen, and engage with, a whole new audience.

Examine Big Brands

Some of our best performing pieces of content are the ones that examine the marketing actions of some of the worlds biggest brands. This series of blogs, where we demonstrate what we think brands are thinking when they do the things they do, gives us the ability to show off our knowledge. We find the engagement and click-through rates of these blogs to be higher than usual because we’re talking about familiar brands that everyone is aware of.

Announce New Team Members

SME’s aren’t faceless entities, customers and clients want to see the human side of a business. We’re very aware of this which is why we always announce on social media when we have a new member of staff! Doing this is not only just a nice thing to do, but it also allows people to see the people behind the Embryo logo and increases the sense of familiarity.

Some Stats

Don’t believe us? Check out the screenshots below which detail our social media growth. These results are 1st March-20th April 2020 compared to 1st July-20th August 2019. The green figures to the right are the percentage of growth.

Website Visits and Profile Visits

Network By Seniority

Total Followers


Post Engagement

This blog was written by Charlie Meyler, Content Executive at Embryo Digital

About the company...

The team at Social Hire won't just do social media management. Our team work closely with your team to ensure your business sees great value from the service and that your team gets tangible results.

What the Social Hire gang loves is making a difference for our clients, and we don't want to waste your, or our resources on campaigns that aren't right for your organisation, if it doesn't get your organisation the difference you need - we prefer a better approach. When your business utilises social media management, Social Hire get your brand the exposure it needs and offer your business the lift it needs to improve.

Our group of specialists are an organisation that helps our clients boost their online marketing by offering social media management services on a monthly basis.

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