How SEO Can Grow Your Local Business

By Afaf Waris

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If your company has a target market of local customers and wishes to enhance its customer base through effective SEO practices, then you must consider deploying local SEO services for your firm. Local SEO practices enable you to converge your Search Engine Marketing strategies to attract local search traffic to your business website.

Your target customers are looking for the services you offer in your local area, for which you need to make yourself visible on local search results to let them reach to you. Hence, local SEO helps you to improve your online presence locally and generate organic traffic locally to your website.

What are key local SEO practices and how do they work?

The local SEO practices are the fusion of locally focused online reputation management, Google maps optimization, content marketing, and Social media strategies.

1. Local Organic SEO

Local SEO enables you to build your website's relevancy to the targeted keyword phrases which make on-page SEO a crucial factor for local businesses. Using the geographically targeted keywords strategy, one can improve their website's organic ranking on the search results. Hence, keywords research would be an optimum tool in defining your relevancy to the customer's query on search engines.

2. Local Maps Marketing

In order to be visible on local search results, you must have a local business page enlisted on Google Places. The search engine retrieves information from Google Places where your business would be listed in results through proper categorization and business citation.

Business Categorization is an essential step to optimize your local search. Google places listings offer various categories to place your business which helps users to find the sort of business they want.

These categories help the search engine to describe your business and hence present your business to the potential customers in their local searches.

Business citations are another sub-category of local maps marketing where your business name and address is cited on other web pages. It is important to keep your business citations consistent to boost your visibility in local search results.

3. Online Reputation Management through Reviews

Reviews by customers and clients are as important as your listings. Public reviews ensure your business credibility and reputation to improve your ranking in organic search results. Encouraging your customers to leave reviews for your business would pave the way for new customers and would attract more organic traffic to your site.

4. Social Media Marketing

While you ensure your online presence in the search engine results, you must also make public profiles on various social platforms to gain maximum target customers. Having your profiles on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and more would help you drive more customers to your website.

It is essential to create interesting and shareable content for social media followers to enhance your social presence that would ultimately affect your search rankings as well. The stronger your fan following would be on social sites, the more customers would be able to find you through search results.

5. Website Optimization

Finally, website optimization is always the key factor to start building your website's credibility in the eyes of search engines through proper utilization of SEO strategies. The SEO services specifically incorporate internet marketing strategies to optimize your website and make it a viable choice for organic traffic to your website.


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