How to Ask Customers to Leave a Review: An Ultimate Guide

By Ray O’Donnell

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Reviews are an essential part of any business. They help new customers choose your company and make purchases. Especially, reviews are important for your local business and you need to include get reviews in your local marketing strategy for your business.

Customers read the positive and negative reviews on each software before they purchase recurring software from the list of Attrock's best recurring billing software.

As a successful entrepreneur set goals for the business to ensure the growth of your business. You need to start work on your business brand value and for this, you need to set and implement your business goals effectively.

They can increase your credibility and create social proof. Thus, you can increase the company's conversion rate and attract many more long-term customers.

Collecting customer feedback analytics is a great approach to understanding their requirement and feeling about your products and services. For example, an online event organizer platform can collect reviews from your attendees to know their feedback on event registration, delivery of events and quality of speakers, etc.

You can use these reviews to make improvements in your event services such as ticket generating, and event delivery, and posting them to your websites. It boosts the trust factor among the visitors to your brand. 

For example, Feild service-providing companies check reviews of the best field service management software before choosing software for their service management. Reviews of users can help them in deciding the best software for their field team.

Also, you need to check all reviews get from your visitors and respond to bad reviews to avoid adverse impacts on your brand. 

In this article, we have prepared recommendations on how to properly ask for reviews from buyers. 

What are the benefits of asking for customer reviews?

Reviews help you understand customer satisfaction with your product or services. It gives you an opportunity to fine-tune your offering basis actual customer requirements. Apart from this, reviews also help you achieve the bottom line faster. The following points explain how. 

1. High rates

Statistics show that reviews created from the source material have a score of 4.34 more than those obtained through independent experience. They were rated 3.89 out of 5.

This suggests that brands that are looking for how to look for reviews are also producing reviews with a higher percentage of 5-excellent ratings. For example, high-rating review points for your online course are a necessity if you are planning to sell online courses. A high user rating for your online course helps you to get a better SERP ranking and good subscribers for your online courses.

2. Instant Reach

Proactively requesting reviews will help strengthen relationships with buyers. Knowing how to properly use the technique to create a high ranking with a lot of ratings will help get promoters to work. 

Encourage them to write an opinion about a product or service and word of mouth will not make you wait long for a stream of customers. 

3. Enhanced search engine presence

The more reviews about you on the network - the better for you. Google and other search engines analyze them and create the best search for your product for the user experience. 

Need an example?

Property management agencies can use their client’s reviews to promote their business and get a positive impact on their property management Inc. business in their location and also these reviews help you get ranked in SERPs.

The more reviews - the greater the conversion rate, lead generation, and natural search traffic for you. And more profit, of course. 

4. More reasoned lifecycle strings

Any information has its expiration date. On the example of posts on social networks, you can see how big the difference in their relevance is.

Here are some statistics:

  • Facebook - about 5 hours;
  •  Instagram - 19 hours;
  •  Twitter is only 18 minutes;
  •  Pinterest - The relevance of the pin is about 3.5 months.

Reviews that will be left in the search engines have a longer life, and you can use them for about 3 months. They will help you improve your SEO performance.

How can you ask a customer to leave a review?

It is very important to ask the buyer to leave a review.  Of course, there are those who can do it themselves. But this is a very small percentage of people.

We have prepared a list of ways in which we will tell you how to do this and not lose your reputation.

1. Personally

This is the most exciting option, but it is also the most effective. If you have the opportunity to ask a client to leave a review personally be sure to do it!

In most cases, they are positive and understanding about it, and you get important feedback that you can work with.

Here are some scenarios, for reference

  1. Do this when the buyer has been praised

In this case, express appreciation for their taking the time to provide feedback, and then ask for feedback.

  1. Create opportunities through conversation or leading questions

Don't expect the client to come and wait for you to ask. Try using questions about the work of the company to get their opinion.  Here are some examples:

  • Have you found what you were looking for?
  • Have you used our services for the first time?
  • What are your impressions of visiting the company?
  • Use this tactic to achieve your goal and collect feedback.
  1. In no case does not force the buyer to leave feedback

Don't demand positive feedback from the first buyer about your business. This will not make your conversation sincere, and it will seem to him that you do not care about their experience, but simply want to get feedback.  Such tactics will not help you in any way and can ruin the reputation of the company.

2. In telephone format (SMS/messenger)

When a company has a call center, there are many opportunities to ask customers to leave feedback over the phone. But choose wisely who you ask and provide your vanity number so that they can call you over them.

If you've just helped a client solve a long and complicated problem, it's probably best not to ask them for feedback this time. In this situation, you need to wait and call after some time using your official landing phone and start asking about the last problem.

3. By email

An email is a good tool for getting loyal responses. Now we will tell you about some ways that will help you with this!

Email blast

This is an email that asks you to rate your company on a scale of 1 to 10. Even a simple rating can help you get a lot of positive feedback about your business. Utilizing an automation platform is a great way to streamline this process and take out the manual work of email blasts. Also, send personal thank you email to your customers who submitted their feedback about the company.

Personalized mailing

Nothing works better than a letter from a business owner. Thus, you show the client his value to you. Select a group of clients who have been with you for a long time and have a positive experience of cooperation and send them a personal message thanking them for their cooperation and asking them to leave a review. 

What else?

Your clients may be busy with their other important tasks and they could not respond to you quickly so you need to write an effective drip sequence to get maximum response from your prospective clients.

Letter from the whole company

Feel free to talk about your own employees when writing letters for clients. Emphasize the importance of customer reviews to your employees. Alternatively, you can even ask them to send emails to customers they have worked with on their own.

Important! Correspondence should be short and pleasant for the user. People may be busy at this point, and not want to read long emails from you.

Through social networks

In this case, everything is very simple: using a message or post and asking for feedback. Social media marketing should be free marketing efforts through posting and sharing engaging content.

Thank You, Page

Works very well, provided the site is available. At the end of the sales funnel through it, be sure to use the last thank you page, where you can place a request to rate the content or usability and get feedback.

How does it work?

The funnel consists of the following items:

  • A person visits the site in search of a product or service;
  •  Studying materials;
  •  Selects the product they need;
  •  Goes to the cart and pays;
  •  It goes to the thank you page. 

Page content 

Usually, it is on it that the client sees gratitude for the perfect purchase. Here you can post a request to evaluate the site or ease of use and get feedback.

Dealing with negative reviews 

If suddenly you receive a negative review - do not immediately be upset. Better analyze it. 

How to do it? 

  1. Read it carefully, understand the essence of the problem;
  2.  Study the person who wrote it: is there any information about him, contact details. This is necessary in order to be able to contact him or understand whether a person or a bot.
  3.  Find out if the problem was really on your end.
  4.  In any case, apologize and offer 1 or more solutions to the situation. 

This method will help to recommend the brand and show your loyalty to customers. Even negative reviews from your detractors provide you with valuable information, which affects the decisions on the purchase.

Also, people tend to distrust companies that remove negative comments and customer reviews. 


There are many ways to get feedback from customers, but each of them needs to be customized to fit your business. It is best to use several strategies to get the best result. A constant stream of quality reviews is essential for your reputation, rankings, and ultimately your income. 

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